So what do you think the Wrestlemania card will be?

I think they're still going all in on Reigns, but apparently current spoiler-y stuff for March shows Cena as champion, so I guess we'll get Cena v. Reigns, ONE TIME FOR ALL TIME.  I think they can do Bryan v. Lesnar then, and then of course HHH v. (The Vigilante) Sting, and that would actually be a decent show.  Obviously fantasy overdrive would be Bryan winning the Rumble and facing Lesnar for the title, and I feel like Reigns would be better served being the guy to beat Rusev instead so they can prep him for next year.  I also feel like they should have Bryan win the briefcase from Rollins at some point if he's not winning the Rumble, because there's no second World title to give him.  Regardless, I don't feel like there's any huge drawing cards here, but it's a different environment now anyway.