Monday Night Open Mic

Well…like who gives a damn about RAW. It’s Ohio State-Oregon for the CFB Super Bowl bitches!!! Got Publix subs for the family so I’m ready to go. My dog in the fight (Florida State) got smacked two weeks ago by Oregon so I’m just hoping for an exciting, close game…

Fun times on the blog thread last night watching Rumble 2006. Watching pretty mediocre old PPVs are much more fun with you bunch of smart asses cracking on them.

Anyway what else is on TV:

CFB Super Bowl (Oregon vs. Ohio State)

4 NBA, 3 NHL

RAW is Bore with a bunch of names that won’t do shit for the ratings.

Not sure if anyone else is watching these Independent Lens docs on PBS but they are very good and the one tonight is on a guy who was in prison for robbing banks as a young man and is now filming his own documentary as an adult looking back on his mistakes. Some are hits and some are misses but I love documentaries so I’ll probably DVR it for a weekend watch.

Enjoy the night. Keep it clean.