BoD Daily Update

Backstage Reaction to This Past Monday’s RAW

The entire script of RAW was re-written at 3pm EST on Monday. Also, the reaction to the show backstage was negative as many felt that the ending left Ryback, Erick Rowan, and especially Dolph Ziggler were left in a bad spot after the firing angle.

Meeting Reportedly Held With Talent Backstage Prior to RAW

It has been reported that Triple H held a meeting backstage prior to the show Monday night where they told the talents that the company is not sure who will win the Royal Rumble match or the title at WrestleMania 31. He also told the talent that they would be evaluated over the course of the next few weeks and to step things up. Also, there has reportedly been a lot of divide backstage on who should win the Rumble match, with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan being the two choices.

Update on 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Class

According to, Randy Savage is currently being considered as the top candidate for the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Another name being discussed is Ray Stevens, who has a history of wrestling in California. As far as Sting, he is not being considered for this year but rather for next year’s show as he does live in Texas.

One Reason Why Dolph Ziggler Lost the Intercontinental Title

According to Bryan Alvarez of, one reason why Ziggler lost the IC Title is that the office was upset with him for booking a stand-up comedy gig without notifying the office first.

Credit Bryan Alvarez,

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