PPV question

Been watching some some wwe documentaries and reading some wrestling books and one thing that do not understand is this.  Why does Bischoff takes credit or gets pointed to as the man that made the jump to doing a PPV very month?  Before he was in charge of WCW, WCW was doing more PPV than the WWF at the time.  But it was in 1995 that the WWF started to do the In Your Houses.  It wasn't until 1997 that WCW had a PPV a month and WCW needed to create one.  So why doesn't the WWF take the bullet for having a PPV a month?
When Bischoff took over in 1993 WCW was running Superbrawl, Beach Blast, Halloween Havoc and Starrcade.  Bischoff immediately added Fall Brawl, Battlebowl and a few others to expand out to 8 shows a year by 95.  And then WWF basically added the In Your House shows because they were getting killed in the PPV arms race, even though Vince decidedly did not want to do it.  WCW was absolutely the aggressor in that war and Vince would have stayed at 6-8 shows per year for much longer. But if he had let WCW have that piece of the PPV pie to themselves 5 months of the year, fans would have become conditioned to buying WCW shows in those months. So yes, I'd say Bischoff gets all the credit in this case for forcing WWF's hand.