Audience of One


The current mantra among fans is that the writers are handcuffed by having to please Vince and Vince only (or, conversely, that Vince rewrites the show to please himself and himself only).  I won't say that's false because God knows I've seen enough of Raw to know it's true.  But I've also seen a bunch of people who use things like EWR to re-book the WWE going forward, and it's made me wonder: don't most people who have the book in an organization — real or fictional, global or local — do whatever the hell they want and hope the fans agree with them?

​Yes, but the difference is that typically if fans DON'T agree with what they're doing, other bookers changed the product to suit them better. The WWE product is literally getting to the point where it's trolling the fanbase and eroding ratings in the process.  I can't see USA putting up with this for much longer.  ​