The Nitro strategy

Hey Scott,

Given that watching Raw now resembles the most painful form of medieval water torture – would WWE benefit from trying the early Nitro (95-96) approach? I always seem to recall it being an hour and a bit of blistering Guerrero, Malenko, Benoit, Jericho matches, and then a snooze-fest involving Hogan. But it worked.

Throw Ziggler, The Usos, Harper, Kingston, Kidd, Cesaro, Zayn, Neville etc out there to have those good rasslin' match things that Vince doesnt understand, and then we can all watch something else for the final hour where Cena says poop and Ambrose plays with a mannequin?

best wishes,


​I think the most basic issue is that Vince is turning into Verne Gagne and Bill Watts and all the other people he destroyed in the 80s:  The out of touch wrestling booker who won't change or pay attention to new trends and just needs to go away and be a executive or whatever.  ​