Supercard Update: The People’s Challenge

Hey Scott, you still into Supercard?  They just updated the app with a new feature called the People's Challenge.  Basically your wins are for one of two guys (Cena vs Brock in this case), and whichever superstar comes out with the most "wins" is declared the winner.  AMAZING rewards for someone willing to spam their life away for the next three days.

Also, if you haven't played in a while, you'll probably find some new cards in your deck, as the last update contained rewards for certain levels of gameplay.

(Record: 1000-77)

​Yeah, I played the People's Challenge thing a bit, but really this game is just robbing me of valuable time that I could be playing Simpsons and Family Guy.  The raiding in Tapped Out is one of the most fun events they've ever come up with.  ​