You still do Weird Al Yankovic news, right?

What's your favorite of the eight new Weird Al videos?  Word Crimes
really appeals to me by touching on my biggest grammar pet peeves, but
the swerve he throws on us in the second half of Foil is phenomenal.

Also, please plug Mandatory Fun to the American Blog of Doomers, so
that he may finally get his long deserved number one selling album.

Personally I'm still most fond of "Tacky" because it was the first and remains the biggest ear-worm even if I'm sick of the original song.  "Handy" is also great as a parody ("Who dat / Who screw dat" is genius) but not as inspired as a video.  I love "Mission Statement" because I hear that shit EVERY DAY as serious stuff I'm supposed to follow.  I do wish he'd release all the polka medleys as a greatest hits, though.