Daily News Update – September 30, 2020

Well, the debate last night was…a thing.

Hopefully Retribution doesn’t do any socially distant anarchy while they’re quarantined for the next two weeks.  They can send MENACING ZOOM CALLS though.

New Title Match Set For Takeover


Matt Cardona Already Done With AEW



The SmarK Rant for WWF Superstars – 04.24.93

The SmarK Rant for WWF Superstars – 04.24.93

Finally new tapings!

Taped from Tucson, AZ

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Randy Savage & Jerry Lawler.  According to Vince, we are “anxiously awaiting the decision from Jack Tunney following the investigation as to the medical disposition of the controversial forearm of the Narcissist Lex Luger”.  ALL IN ONE BREATH!  In fact I might have misquoted him because I do 90wpm and I still couldn’t keep up with him even after rewinding it once.

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Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #388 (30/09/2000)

Hello You!

Well here we are at the go-home show for Anarchy Rulz 2000! They’ve done a decent job hyping up the two feature bouts for this one but they could do with pushing some under card matches today, which I’m sure they will.

The Anarchy Rulz review should be up tomorrow, so keep a look out for that.

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

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New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 30 – 30/09/2020 – A Block Night Four

Hello You!

Time for Night Four of A Block!

You can read Rick’s review of Night Three by clicking HERE

It’s been a wacky week here in the UK music wise, where my fellow Everton supporters, in high spirits due to a good start to the season, decided to knock Miley Cyrus off the top of the iTunes charts by buying a number of Everton related songs, with “Spirit of the Blues”, a song from our hot period in the 80’s, being the one that started it all going. A really nice aspect of it all is that one of the writers of the song (Kenny Parry) was going through a rough period due to losing his wife in recent years, and the song getting in the charts has really made his week, which makes it a win however you want to slice it I think.

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Being the Elite on YouTube

Was interested in your thoughts and everyone on the blog's thoughts on BTE. Do you watch or follow what they're doing?

I actually think this is an example where having some professional writers involved might actually help AEW.

I like the concept but I think overall, BTE just makes things weird now that AEW has a regular weekly show on TNT. I do watch BTE regularly. And I enjoy it for the comedy and periodic advancement of storylines, but it's not booked coherently within their “universe” of wrestling. The Dark Order is a good example. Either they should make the Dark Order a serious on-screen faction or make them a comedy troupe that does all of the silly stuff with the paper throwing bits, Kool Aid and Chili's sponsorship. But it's too schizophrenic right now and makes everyone involved seem like they're playing at wrestling as opposed to being wrestlers.

(Also, I won't ask “what say you” at the end of this email.)
I usually watch it as a part of my regular YouTube rotation in between Boundary Break and Toy Galaxy or whatever, but it’s not like appointment viewing for me and I certainly don’t pay a ton of attention to it while it’s on.  It’s just a pleasant diversion most of the time.  



In a bizarro world where Hulk Hogan never leaves WWE, would Vince have ever had the balls to turn him heel?

I don’t think it has to do with balls, but I think they’d literally try everything else first.  Look at how long it took with Roman.  


The memorable angles e-mail got me thinking about this. In kayfabe The Macho Man and Elizabeths marriage wasn't able to survive Flair's claims that he slept with her. And then a few years later he ends up with her. And they just sort of quietly lets her go

proving he didn't even want her. He just wanted to fuck with Randy.

Flair really is the dirtiest player in the game.

He should make that a catchphrase!

AEW DARK: September 29, 2020

The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark, Episode 54, September 29, 2020.

From the AEW Arena.

Your hosts are Taz and Excalibur, with Ricky Starks and Shawn Spears wandering around.

Three big tag matches tonight to catch your attention: the New Hollywood Blonds will face off against Chaos Projekt. Vance and Angels of the Dark Order meet the Jurassic Express. And in our feature bout, the Natural Nightmares face John Silver and Colt Cabana (subbing for Alex Reynolds). Also in action, the teams of SCU (Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian), Gunn Club, and Best Friends, plus three women’s matches featuring Tay Conti, Nyla Rose, and Penelope Ford. (You hear that? THREE WOMEN’S MATCHES!)

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Workrate Over Story

Hey Scott–

So Timothy Thatcher busts into NXT with this badass shooter character, sends Matt Riddle packing to Smackdown, then promptly gets turfed in the elimination match to determine Finn Balor's next challenger.

Cameron Grimes, annoying twatmite who everyone wants to see get his ass beat, falls short to Kyle O'Reilly in the NXT #1 contender's match as well.

Which leads to Kyle O'Reilly, lifetime tag team guy (in NXT) challenging for the top singles title.

Is NXT crawling up its own ass too far? This match feels like a “6-star match that the internet will love!!!” more than a compelling story crafted to sell Takeover's next main event. I just feel like Finn v. The Second Coming of Stu Hart or Finn v. Idiot We All Want to See Destroyed would be far more interesting than Finn v. Guy Who We Know Won't Win But Hey, The Match Will Be Great.

What's your feeling on the NXT title picture going into Takeover? 

For me, I’m gonna watch it anyway, so I just want to see a good show.  Being excited about the buildup is just a bonus these days.  


Hey Scott, hope you are safe and well. Where would you go with Roman Reigns? I know long term WWE is looking at Bray, and maybe the Rock. But, who would be a good challenge in the interim? I wouldn't mind seeing Big E, Keith Lee if he goes to Smackdown in the draft. I think Big E makes the most sense as you can have Reigns face Kofi and hurt him and Big E makes the save, instant feud. 

If they're doing the Samoan Destruction Tour, they've gotta bring in Rikishi for a beatdown at some point first.  They could probably even bring in Haku for a one-shot, too.  Really makes me wish they had a better briefcase holder than Otis because this would be a good time to have an interesting story to tell with it.  

1990 & 90 WWF on WWE Network

Hello Scott,

Long-time reader here.  I had a quick question for you (or anyone else on the blog for that matter).  I have recently watched all of the Prime Time Wrestlings on the WWE Network from 1986 to 1989, but I see that they stop there, and Superstars doesn't pick
up on the Network until 1992.  Maybe I'm missing something, but what is the best way to watch stuff from 1990 and 1991 WWF (other than the PPVs and SNME's of course).  Any advice?

Nothing legally that I can offer.  There's always people on YouTube who put that stuff up, but a lot of it gets taken down pretty quickly as well.  The complete omission of entire eras on the Network is one of the sore spots I have with it, in fact. 

Biggest-drawing tag team.


Following on from the sad passing of the surviving Road Warrior, a question : 

Which specialist tag team would have (by your estimate) drawn the most money (not counting any singles runs) in their career?  Is it the Road Warriors or another pair?

Dave and Bryan were discussing this the other day on Observer Radio, and it's pretty clearly the Road Warriors, at least in North America and Japan.  

HBK’s issues

Hi Scott,

we all know that Shawn Michaels was a nightmare to deal with for a variety of reasons in the late 90s, but is there an accepted general start date for when he became a problem? You don't really hear about him, say, griping about doing a job in 1993. I assume
his ascension up the card over those years giving him more credibility/power/pull coincided with him becoming difficult to work with, and his drug issues obviously played a massive role, but can you remember when the first time you heard of his issues becoming
a thing was?

You don't hear about him griping about doing jobs in 1993?!  That's when the whole meme started!  That's why the ladder match at WMX came about, because Shawn was being a pain in the ass and failed the drug test that he still denies failing, and wouldn't give back the belt for a while.  In fact I'd say 1993 is pretty much when you can pinpoint the start of his “demons” with a fair degree of certainty. 

The SmarK Rant for WWE Velocity – 06.01.02

The SmarK Rant for WWE Velocity – 06.01.02

Taped from wherever Smackdown was that week, apparently Calgary.  Of course, this leads me to check if I was actually at that show, but apparently I only did the Edmonton RAW show and skipped the Smackdown tapings in Calgary.  However that RAW was pretty notable for having the RVD-Eddie ladder match, which is one of the best matches I’ve seen live and I believe also the first major title change I was in attendance for.

Your hosts are Michael Cole & Al Snow

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Daily News Update – September 29, 2020

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Lightning on winning the Cup!  Hopefully they don’t all catch Covid at the parade in Florida.

James Storm was supposed to debut for WWE after Wrestlemania, but Covid happened.


RVD leaves Impact Wrestling


WWE’s draft returns in October



Monday Night Raw – September 28, 2020

Monday Night Raw
Date: September 28, 2020
Location: Amway Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe, Byron Saxton

Clash Of Champions has come and gone and we are on the way to the Cell. That could mean a few different directions, though Orton vs. McIntyre III would seem to be in the cards. At the same time though, the Draft is looming and that means we could be in for a big shakeup in the next few weeks. Hopefully we don’t have a big lull for the next few weeks on the way there. Let’s get to it.

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