Rock Star Gary reflects on WWF Main Event IV

Taped from Fort Wayne, IN

Airdate: November 23, 1990 (taped 10/30)

Attendance:  unknown

Hosted by Vince McMahon & “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Let’s finish Thanksgiving week of 1990 with a rather infamous show. In case you’ve been on vacation, this is the third wrestling supershow in the same week. I’ve even included a BONUS match for reasons that will materialize. Read on!

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WWF Prime Time Wrestling – March 25th, 1990 (The Ultimate Challenge Special)

March 25, 1990

Your hosts are Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

This is the “Ultimate Challenge” special that includes the contract signing for the Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior match at WrestleMania VI. All of the matches were filmed at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA (At the 3/7 “Wrestling Challenge” TV tapings) with Heenan and Monsoon in the studio at the Skydome with a buffet or luncheon of sorts taking place off camera.

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What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – April 15, 1995

Vince McMahon hypes today’s battle between the Smoking Gunns and the Shoguns (Hakushi and Kwang).

McMahon and Dok Hendrix – the name that the WWF has given to Michael Hayes – have the commentary duties and they are still in Glen Falls, New York.  This is Hayes’s debut as the company chose him to fill color commentary duties over others that they reportedly auditioned, which included Shane Douglas.

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BoD Daily Update: July 25th, 2017 Smackdown Preview


WWE Superstar Shakeup After SummerSlam?

According to Mike Johnson of, the plan is for another roster shakeup to occur after SummerSlam and going forward it will happen each year both after WrestleMania and SummerSlam.

Credit Mike Johnson,


Kayfabe Commentaries Releases YouShoot with Manny Fernandez

Angles That Killed A Wrestler

So we got our big Angle reveal and people have speculated that if the angle flops it could kill Jordan’s career, and that had me thinking. What are storylines or angles that single handedly killed someone’s career? I don’t mean Eugene where he debuted as a mentally handicapped wrestler, I mean a guy whose career was doing good, but some dumb storyline/angle just cut off his/her legs by itself.

​Test getting cuckolded by HHH in 1999 ​is one of the all-time champs for that kind of thing, I still think.

Blog question


Longtime reader. Now, i know in the end the answer will be Because WCW. However, was there any consideration for the masked man attacking Hogan in 1994 to be Paul Orndorff? A clothesline, ear cup, piledriver with Bobby Heenan yelling Wonderful Wonderful on commentary to end Havoc ’94 would have done better than the wreck that occurred.

​No, although that’s pretty clever. ​

HBK / Perfect

Just before HBK walked through the curtain to face Davey Boy at Beware of Dog he had a staring contest with Mr . Perfect. Was there ever a plan to have those two work an angle?

​Doubtful. Vader was still set in stone as Shawn’s next opponent and Vince was still trying to convince Perfect to come back at that point. It was probably just them working their own angle.​

Which Taker/HBK match?

I spent the day rewatching their back to back Mania matches and I think 26 > 25. It had higher stakes, a stipulation that was shockingly adhered to (HBK’s retired), and has just a killer last third including the crazy Slap/Jumping Tombstone ending I know the popular opinion was 25 is better but there are a few awkward spots, and the lack of stakes going in make me towards 26. Given 8-7 years respectively to dwell, which do you like better and why?

​Uh, does 26 have "Shawn Michaels moonsaults Undertaker, lands in a tombstone, still kicks out, I shit my pants"? No? Then 25 still wins, sorry.

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’ Doomers!

Thank God we get a night off before watching the stills and fallout from last night’s stinker of a Network special. July wasn’t a good month for such events. Great Balls of Fire had some good build but failed to live up to expectations. Battleground had no such expectations and still managed to under deliver.

RAW is live. There are a few baseball games if rasslin’ isn’t your thing.

Enjoy the night and keep it clean!


Hey Scott,

Recently, I was listening to a podcast where Lance Storm revealed that the initial concept for what would become The Un-Americans was for a Canadian Horseman style group, to be called "C-4". The lineup would have been:

Chris Jericho (Flair)
Lance Storm & Christian (Arn & Tully)
Test (Windham/Luger/Sid)

Setting aside the obvious political issues (see EVOLUTION, which premiered a few months later), do you think that group could have had a credible upper-card run?

2002 Jericho as Flair? No buys.

Steve Austin’s Walkout On The WWE In 2002

When Steve Austin walked-out on the WWE in 2002 was it due to not wanting to job to Brock Lesnar, problems with the writing team, or both? I remember an interview he gave shortly after he left in which he said the reason was that "Creative sucks", but was that just a cover in not wanting to put over Lesnar? Sort of like the whole "lost my smile" deal with Shawn Michaels?

He had no problem putting over Lesnar, but he wasn’t going to put him over on a random unadvertised RAW like they wanted. Brock vs Austin should have been a PPV main event in his eyes, and he’s not wrong.

Also, he had shit going on in his personal life with Debra that probably didn’t help.