Monday Night Open Mic

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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It’s Holiday time and I love seeing all the lights and pageantry of the season. It’s even gotten into the low 40s at night here in Florida to get to feeling even more festive.

RAW is live tonight as the slow build to the Royal Rumble continues. It’s actually working out well for television too because they are focusing more on the quality of the program than building to whatever PPV is coming in three weeks time so it’s made for a couple of decent shows. The only announced match for tonight is Kane vs. Strowman, which hasn’t done anything for Strowman other than cool him off. The winner will get Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble and the loser may run for mayor of some town in Tennessee. At least that’s the way it SHOULD be.

As for other television, let’s see what we’ve got: New episode of Lucifer, new episode of Kevin Can Wait, Top 8 on The Voice, new episode of Christmas Light Fight, Stars-Rangers and Islanders-Capitals highlight the six NHL games while Pelicans-Rockets looks like the best game on the six-game NBA slate. Patriots-Dolphins is YOUR Monday Night football game.

Keep it clean!

Best Year for pre-Bischoff NWA/WCW

Hi Scott, I'm reading stuff from all sorts of years (your recap today from 86, the Observer recaps that up to 1994, some of Nick Temple's year-by-year recap books). I know we all like to say "because WCW" and I was a WWF-only kid, but I get the sense that were times when 80's/90's NWA/WCW was really firing on all cylinders. If I wanted to go back and see the best year, what year would you pick?
My personal favorite was 1989, but Dusty was actually knocking it out of the park in 86 for a while there.  

Sean Oliver Interview

Hey Scott,

Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries stopped by The Wrestling Estate podcast to promote his new book, share some Iron Sheik stories, play "The Dick Bag" and more. 

I figured since you guys post previews of KC's new videos, your readers may be interested in checking out his new book. It's exactly what you'd hope for and a sleeper pick for best wrestling book of the year (in a year with J.R.'s, AJ Lee's, Jericho's, I know). 

The full interview can be found here: 

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​.."the Dick Bag"?​

Flair in the WWF 91-93

When Flair came in in 1991, was it always assumed at some point Herd would be out and he would go back to WCW?  When he came in, was he making the kind of money that guys like Hulk, Macho Man and Warrior were?  What was his relationship like with Vince, and
did he have any say in his creative during his time there?  Do you think WWF ever regretted letting him go back to WCW with the run he had after he came back?

​It was pretty much assumed that it wasn't going to be a long-term thing, mostly because WCW went completely into the toilet when he left and fans were revolting against Luger as the top guy.  Flair had almost no creative control and was basically just doing as he was told, and he certainly wasn't making anywhere near the money that the Hogans and Warriors were.  I don't think Vince ever regretted letting him go, because clearly it wasn't working for either side while he was there.  ​

NJPW World Tag League Final 2017

December 11th, 18:30 from Fukuoka Convention Centre, Fukuoka

Today’s final will determine who wins the 2017 World Tag League and goes on to challenge for the tag titles at Wrestle Kingdom. A Block winners and Los Ingobernables de Japón representatives, EVIL & SANADA, face B Block winners and last year’s runners-up, Guerrillas of Destiny, in that match. Elsewhere, the card looks like a fun pick ’n’ mix, with KUSHIDA & Ibushi vs. Cody & Scurll, Roppongi 3K vs. The Elite and Okada & Ospreay vs. Hiromu & Naito among the festive treats on offer. Let’s get to it.

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WWF Superstars of Wrestling – October 20, 1990

October 20, 1990

From the Toledo Sports Arena in Toledo, OH

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper

This week, we will see highlights from Hulk Hogan & Tugboat vs. Rhythm & Blues that took place on “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Also from SNME is Koko B. Ware vs. Sgt Slaughter. And, we will see the Legion of Doom and Texas Tornado in action. The SNME clips were not shown on the copy of the show that I watched.

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Mid-South Wrestling – April 14th, 1983

April 14, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week, we will see Bill Irwin vs. Junkyard Dog. Also, Kelly Kiniski vs. King Kong Bundy and Butch Reed will be here too. Watts then tells us there is a surprise match tonight as Skandor Akbar has put up $25,000 for a chance at the Tag Team Titles with a mystery team he has put together.

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ECW on Sci-Fi #85 01/15/2008

We’re in Birmingham, Alabama and World Champion Edge is here with a Very Special Edition of The Cutting Edge, hopefully not involving molestation or The Death of Mr. Hooper.

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Bad bad BAADD chemistry

Who do you believe had the worst chemistry inside the ring? I nominate DOA (including Chainz, who got his release in June iirc) vs LOD2000 (including green-as-hell Droz), their 98 matches lack any kind of timing, heat and good communication

​I dunno, they were boring but I wouldn't call them outright BAD most of the time.  Goldust in his "the artist" phase seemingly couldn't have a good match if his life depended on it, outside of the one mixed tag match.  Furnas & Lafon were a style clash with literally everyone besides Bulldog & Owen and had some of the worst matches with guys like LOD who were otherwise decent.  ​

WCW 2000 questions

Hi Scott,

Been torturing myself watching the last year of WCW and a few questions so far.

1. Why isn't thunder on the network?  it seems they really tried to make that show important to follow story lines stating in 99

2. What was the deal with Savage returning form a long hiatus to interfere in a battle royal and never heard from again?

3. Whats up with the sporadic appearances of Bret Hart getting involved? was their a chance of him returning to the ring or was it a case of using up contract dates?

I'm only in May so i've got a little less than a year to go, but i'm sue i'll have more questions

​1.  It was supposed to be dropping a couple of months ago, and then it just never materialized.  
2.  That was just "because WCW" weirdness, where they hired him for the one date and then never called him again.  Something with money, I'd assume.  
3.  ​There was no chance of him returning, doctors told him to retire in no uncertain terms.