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We got a TLC take-home RAW tonight and there isn’t much to this card outside of the tremendous 4-on-3 main event. The down side to the match is it ties up the I-C and tag titles and with Brock taking some time off from his 6-minute matches, this is going to be a lot of filler.

Outside of that there’s Game 3 of the ALCS between Houston and the Yankees. Monday Night Football between the Titans and Colts and one game on the NHL schedule as my Lightning travel to Detroit to face the Red Wings.

New episodes of The Voice, Dancing With the Stars, Big Bang Theory, Supergirl, etc. etc.



Do you think Kane and Lesnar will ever happen? I don't remember any singles matches between the 2. Its a major match if booked correctly and the writers take it seriously..

I left the date in there to show that this guy was legit the one person waiting anxiously for Kane's return before it happened.  


Are people going to ever get over this guy? I swear posts that have nothing to do with him , they bring him up left and right in the comment section. How does someone who had shitty strikes, corner knee looking like he was hugging his opponent once "delivered" and botched the gts anytime someone weighed more than John Morrison get so loved? Were people really that brainwashed with the SES? The modern day X-Factor with less talented people and no awesomely bad Uncle Kracker music? Did it occur when they used to put their cheeto laiden hands on mom's tv and recite the pledge? I don't get it. I was hoping when he quit and went home people would get the drift. Whenever someone has a lengthy title reign someone thinks it is a slight at Punk and the are going to break his "record" , you know Bruno's REAL record. Will this ever end? 
Sure, when people stop emailing me about him.  OH WAIT.

Guaranteed RAW ratings booster

I've come up with the way to boost RAW ratings and steal viewers from Monday Night Football:

Play the National Anthem at the beginning of every show. Have all the wrestlers superstars stand at the top of the ramp and honor the flag. NO KNEELING. Win back the Trump supporters who want to boycott the NFL but still need their weekly fix of televised violence.

Added bonus: Get a different R&B diva every week to sing the anthem and it'll fill ten minutes worth of their 3-hour TV slot.
I can see the Monday morning emails have started coming in.   

BoD Daily Update: October 16, 2017

WWE.com RAW Preview



Original Plans for Enzo Amore’s feud Against Neville

Before Neville walked out on the company, the plan was for Neville to defeat Enzo for the Cruiserweight Championship but that Enzo would then seek the service of a bodyguard to protect himself from the rest of the division. The frontrunners for the bodyguard spot were Performance Center trainee Babatunde Aiyegbushi and former TNA wrestler Gunner.



NJPW Free Match of the Week

Below you can watch Tiger Mask vs. Dynamite Kid from the 8/30/82 Madison Square Garden show.

Randy Orton and his hair

While undergoing the slow but steady and monumental task of transferring all of my VHS tapes (about 2000 of them) to DVD, I came across a random episode of Smackdown from the mid-00s. While watching it, I was shocked to see it featured both Batista and Randy Orton, back before they both shaved their heads. 

While Batista shaved his head to deal with his own balding problems, was there ever a behind the scenes reason why Orton got rid of his? He looked much better with his hair grown out than with the super short buzz cut he's had for the last 10-12 years. Was it part of the general repackaging when the WWE decided to give him the Carol Danvers/John Stewart treatment, where they started pushing him to the point everyone started actively hating him as far as turning him into a one-dimensional cliche?
Also, in their endless push to force him down our throats, why hasn't the WWE made him grow his hair back out since then? I mean, Randy with a full head of hair looks different enough from Randy with a nearly shaved head, enough of a difference that they could probably have gotten him a new lease on life career-wise; the same way Cody Rhodes was able to reboot his career by growing a moustache, after his Doctor Doom gimmick played out and he ended up falling to the wayside for a bit.


I can honestly say I've never even thought about it before.