REPOST: WCW Halloween Havoc 1991

(Once again we’re at that point in the Observer Flashbacks, so here’s my 2012 Scott Sez version of Halloween Havoc 91, which is not one of my favorite shows ever to say the least.  I will also pop in here and there add more thoughts if needed.  This rant really needs a redo badly, but I just don’t have time this week.  The Johnny B. Badd stuff in particular remains a really embarrassing remnant of a different time in my writing career, which I apologize for.) 

The Netcop Retro Rant for WCW Halloween Havoc 91

– Live from Chattanooga, Tennessee

– Your hosts are Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone, something you don’t see everyday.  (Because they HATE each other.  Weird that those two guys in particular would have heat, but announcing is a cut-throat business, I guess.)

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World Champions the world missed out on

Hi Scott

Was there ever wrestlers that you thought had world champion written all over them that WWE,WCW, etc passed on?

I’m not talking about a druggee or someone who, but for a Curtain Call or blown knee would’ve had a run. I’m talking about who either had the look or talent or just something that should’ve slammed them into the main event but management just passed on.

​The most egregious is still Kofi Kingston, who had all the tools in 2009 and was super-over and ready for the big push, but then got his legs cut out and never made it back to that level again. I’m also gonna make a dark horse pick and say that in a different time and place, Brad Armstrong would have been World champ, but he just came along a bit too late for that 70s style champion. ​

Yet another HOF snub

How has the Spanish Announce Table not been inducted yet? Fucker’s been taking a beating since like 1995. Carlos Cabrera or Hugo Savinovich could induct it and they could give their entire speech in Spanish (without subtitles). Spanish Announce Table > Koko B Ware.

​They ARE always looking for that Latino demographic, although I don’t know that the table is the best role model because it’s always doing the job and frequently goes off-script by not breaking. I think it even got fired by Vince after that Randy Orton match where it took three tries to RKO someone through it, and Vince swore never to do business with it again. In fact, I’m pretty sure the part has been played by a table they called up from developmental since then, because it works cheaper. Regardless, Vince mended fences with Bret Hart, Warrior AND Bruno through HHH, so maybe he can get the table into the Hall of Fame this year as well. ​

Mean Street Posse

I know this relates to nothing in either current WWE or your Observer Flashbacks.

I was thinking about the Mean Street Posse, were they really friends of Shane McMahon that he brought in as a favour or were they normal wrestlers who were just given a gimmick? or is it a bit of both?


​Well that’s random.

Pete Gas and Rodney where legit friends of Shane’s who ended up becoming "wrestlers". Joey Abs was a normal wrestler who was stuck into the group as a ringer, but might have also been a friend as well. Pete actually turned up as a running gag on the E&C Show doing cameos, and he’s a mailman now.

NXT – January 18, 2017

Date: January 18, 2017
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, Percy Watson

It takes an impressive company to make a big story out of a ticket to a show but that’s what NXT has managed to do. Last week Bobby Roode sent NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura his ticket from Takeover: Dallas. It makes for a very interesting way to set up a story and that’s we’re getting as we head towards San Antonio. Let’s get to it.

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Rock Star Gary reflects on Saturday Night’s Main Event XXII

Taped from Worcester, MA

Airdate:  July 29, 1989 (taped 7/18)

Attendance:  unknown

Hosted by Vince McMahon & Jesse “The Body” Ventura

How will the road to Summerslam be paved this year? Let’s read on…

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Monday Night Raw – August 19, 2002

Monday Night Raw
Date: August 19, 2002
Location: Norfolk Scope, Norfolk, Virginia
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

It’s the go home show for Summerslam 2002 and there’s actually a big match set up here as the Rock isn’t defending the WWE World Title against HHH. The other question is what Brock Lesnar will be doing to mess with Rock tonight because the Brand Split doesn’t mean anything when we’re close to a major pay per view. Let’s get to it.

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WWN Style Battle – Season One, Episode One

Style Battle is a new series (or promotion I guess if you want to call it that) put on by WWN Live/Flo Slam. It will feature eight shows, all tournaments, with the eight winners of those tournaments put in a tournament at the end to declare the Style Battle Champion.


January 7, 2017

From the Ivy Astoria Event Center in Tampa, FL. Just a note that the venue is outdoors and it was 48 degrees out when the show started.

Timothy Barr is your host. Trevin Adams and Mister Saint Laurent are on commentary.

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Blog of Doom Daily Update: 01.18.17

There, did I say it right?  Grumble… anyway, all rumors blatantly stolen from my other site,  Presumably they did their homework.

  • While his in-ring future is up in the air, Kurt Angle is expected to get involved in on-screen stories for WWE in one way or another moving forward.
  • Michael Cole is looking to step away from an on-screen role and get more involved in production and training the next generation of announcers, according to PWInsider.
  • Despite his presence on most episodes of Raw over the next several months, Brock Lesnar will not wrestle at Fastlane match, and the only telvised bout WWE is currently planning for him is his WrestleMania rematch with Goldberg.
  • Hideo Itami is hinting that he’s ready to return to action following the neck injury he suffered at a house show last year.
  • Former Ring of Honor tag champs War Machine, the hoss team of Hanson and Raymond Rowe, are believed to be WWE bound.

Also, for non-wrestling sports news: Baseball will announce the Class of 2017 Hall of Fame today at 6PM USET.

Hey…Remember Super Astros?

Hi Scott,

With all the rumors of WWE adding more localized content for the network, I remembered Super Astros; their Spanish language lucha show from the late 90’s.

What was the deal with that? I only vaguely remember its existence. Other than Savio Vega and minis who was the talent? Did this specifically tie in with a Mexican promotion? Because if not, what exactly was the point? Were they toying with the idea of having WWF in Mexico with the Super Astros talent?

​They’ve been toying with that idea forever. That’s why they keep pushing Alberto Del Rio and will continuously push Rey Mysterio if he returns again. They were mainly allied with CMLL because WCW had all the AAA guys through Konnan, and it was yet another attempt to build their brand in Latin America. And then as usual Vince got bored with it after a month and fired all the Mexicans and had matches with Scotty 2 Hotty and Kaientai instead. ​

The Legend of Sid

So as much fun as it is to hear Sid stories, (playing softball, getting into squeegee fights) if after he got to the WWF in 91, he committed himself 100% to wrestling how big a star could he have become. He seemed to have the WWF’s marketing machine behind him, and just had that "it" factor in the 8 months he was there.

​But by mid-92 he still would have been chewed up and spit out by the steroid panic, no matter if he was committed 100% to the business or not. That was a tidal wave that was washing away an entire group of guys, and Sid would have been one of them. ​

Reckon Mr. Kennedy could bolster the mid card?

Hey Scott!

Hope you and the family are well

What would you think about Ken Kennedy coming in to Raw to beef up the mid card?

He’s a decent US Title level guy with a good catchphrase, he’s gotten better in the ring and putting him on Raw would keep him away from certain folk who don’t particularly care for him

They’ve got 3 hours to fill and he’d probably get a good pop on his first night back. They could even stick him in The Rumble


​Yeah, but…why? There’s literally dozens of other people out there who people would actually remember and care about that you could sign before Ken Anderson who WOULDN’T piss off Randy Orton. And Vince was none too pleased with him, either. I don’t see the upside.​

Wrestling Observer Flashback–10.28.91

OK, I signed up for New Japan World again tonight because they’re doing regular English commentary shows now, plus they also take Paypal now, so FUCK IT.  I HOPE YOU’RE ALL HAPPY. Siphoning away my hard-earned roof builder and car cleaner money for more pro wrestling.  Fucking Kenny Omega and his six star matches.

Previously on the Flashback…

Gonna be tough to top last week’s issue, I’m not gonna lie.

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Smackdown – January 17, 2017

Date: January 17, 2017
Location: FedEx Forum, Memphis, Tennessee
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John Bradshaw Layfield, David Otunga, Tom Phillips

I know I say this every week but it’s a stacked show again with Alexa Bliss defending the Women’s Title against Becky Lynch in a cage match to prevent interference from La Luchadora. Other than that we have the King’s Court with Jerry Lawler and Shane McMahon opening the show with a major announcement. Let’s get to it.

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What the World Was Watching: Monday Night Raw – January 2, 1995

“Double J” Jeff Jarrett lets us know how great he is going to be in his signing debut on tonight’s RAW.

Gorilla Monsoon and Shawn Michaels are doing commentary and they are taped from Liberty, New York.  This episode was taped on December 12, 1994.

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Snuka vs. Benoit

So Benoit isn’t even searchable on the WWE network, but Snuka gets an extended video package on RAW? Is it only child murderers we’re not allowed to talk about?


To be fair here, neither guy was actually convicted in court of any crime. So it’s pretty much just dictated by public tolerance.

Daily Chat Thread: January 17, 2017

Female Rep for WWE Hall of Fame

According to those at, Beth Phoenix is up for the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

HHH’s Eventual Return to Raw

Although HHH implied on social media that he was rushing back to the US for Raw, there was never a plan to have him appear on the show.

New WWE Network Promotion?

WWE is in negotiations with Scottish promotion ICW to appear on the WWE Network, per PWInsider.  This would include defending the WWE UK Championship within the promotion, though OTT and PROGRESS may also be host sites for title defenses.

Injury at Main Event Taping

Darren Young appeared to have injured his arm at the Main Event tapings prior to Raw.  His match with Epico was cut short.


Wrestlemania 50

Who on the current roster do you think will make the card for Wrestlemania 50?

It’s a long way off but not THAT far off in the grand scheme of things. Assuming the company survives the next 17 years of course.

​Well, we can safely surmise that John Cena v. The Rock will be the main event, with Undertaker v. HHH on the undercard.​