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  • Finn Bálor’s surgery was more complicated than expected and he won’t be back for at least six months
  • Kurt Angle has filmed a campaign commercial for Rhyno, who is running for a district seat in the Michigan House of Representatives
  • The Headbangers will be returning to Smackdown this week, likely as part of the Smackdown Tag Team tournament
  • In an interview with Michael Cole, Daniel Bryan said Finn Bálor should’ve been called up 18 months ago and that Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura should already be on the main roster

Now talk, damn it!

The SmarK Rant for AWA SuperClash II–05.02.87

The SmarK Rant for AWA SuperClash II – 05.02.87

Hey, it’s another show I’ve never seen, as a part of a giant AWA content dump on the Network! Oddly enough, they skipped over SuperClash I, which was available on WWE Classics on Demand back in the day. We covered this one a little bit in the Observer Flashbacks at the time, but obviously my opinion is the one that matters!

Live-ish from San Francisco, CA. The arena looks like it’s struggling to be ¼ full, and in fact they only drew 2800 for this one.

Your host is Rod Trongaard.

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Rollins hit list

Scott, I know back in the day if a wrestler was prone to accidents or being a little rough with a fellow wrestler that there would be someone in the locker-room like a JBL or a Stan Hanson would be booked in a match to be rough right back with the wrestler who is legit injuring his opponents. That being said, is there anyone in this current locker-room who would be booked against Rollins to "teach him a lesson" to be careful with his fellow wrestler? And do u if Rollins has been spoken to about the injuries he is causing?

​It’s a different time, though. I think even stuff like Wrestlers’ Court has gone by the wayside due to HR nightmares and the like. Damn lawyers, ruining all of JBL’s shower fun. ​

Austin Question.

Hi Scott.

When people mention great workers one name never mentioned is Austin or if he is people speak more glowingly of his time in WCW. He had great matches with Benoit, two with Foley, Triple H, The Rock, great WWE tag matches(SS, Benoit/Jericho, and Canadian Stampede) and even carried Savio Vega of all people. It feels like all the Undertaker matches drag people’s opinion down. Is Austin underrated as a worker especially his time in WWE?

​I don’t think so. He had great matches with great workers, but most of which he could do post-98 was smoke and mirrors stuff because they had to change the entire main event style to work around his limitations. And that’s fine, but Austin wasn’t gonna be like a Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle and drag an amazing match out of someone who wasn’t already at that level. ​

NWA World Championship Wrestling, November 23, 1985

We are five days away from Starrcade ’85 “The Gathering”. Presumably, this show will presumably push the event heavily … We open with a video clip of how we ended last week: Dusty Rhodes and Magnum T.A. challenging the Four Horsemen to step into the ring. The Horsemen’s 4-2 advantage quickly disappears when the Road Warriors provide some backup for Magnum & Dusty. The Horsemen backdown and we go to the show open…

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Tag question

Who would you say was the better heel tag team, the Midnight Express or Tully & Arn? Is it down to them as the two all-time greatest heel tag teams?

What about babyface tag teams? Is it the Rock n Roll Express and that’s it, or are there other challengers? Bulldogs maybe?

​Obviously Tully and Arn are the gold standard, in that Midnight Express pretty much turned themselves babyface a few times and yet no one would ever boo the Horsemen because Tully is a huge dick 24/7.

As for babyfaces, Rock N Roll were great for a limited time, but couldn’t adjust to the change in the landscape. I think the Steiner Brothers actually ended up as a better example of top babyface All-Americans. ​

Bull Dempsy

Hey Scott.

What do you think happened with Bull Dempsy in NXT? I was surprised when he ended up getting beaten repeatedly by Baron Corbin, as I thought when it came to kind of boring, slow big guys, Bull was slightly better in the ring and on the mic. But now Corbin (who is CLEARLY not ready) is putting audiences to sleep on the main roster, and Bull is back in the indies.

I’m not saying Bull was the second coming or anything, but the audience seemed to enjoy chanting "Bull" as he entered (although I know some of that was prerecorded as part of his theme music), and he seemed to know more moves than the average big guy. Why did they give up on him so suddenly?

​From what I understand, it was pretty much they asked him to lose weight and even gave him the "Bull Fit" gimmick to shame him into dropping weight, and when that didn’t work they fired him. Because, you know, it’s not like Hulk Hogan made millions in the 80s beating fat guys every night. ​

Building Challengers

Hi, Scott.

Is the importance of telling a story/building up challengers over time important, or should companies just focus on giving people matches they want to see, even if the challenger comes out of nowhere and doesn’t make much (/kayfabe) sense?

There seemed to be a fair amount of outrage that Balor’s injury scrapped his first planned title defenses against Owens and then Owens and Jericho in a three-way the following month. While the matches would have been good (though Owens might have hurt Balor on promos), why didn’t they do more to build Owens and Jericho as bona fide title challengers than putting them in an (upper)midcard comedy tag team?

Even if post-draft plans weren’t set by Extreme Rules (Owens loses IC title 4-way, Jericho loses to Ambrose) or MITB (both lose MITB match), why not give them wins at Battleground? Instead, Jericho had a talk show segment with Orton, and Owens lost to Zayn, who wasn’t even important enough to make the Summerslam main card. Yes, Enzo and Cass are very popular, but they haven’t even won the tag titles, so it’s not like that is a huge win but was apparently supposed to give Jeri-KO momentum to become title challengers.

Or does it just matter that Owens-Balor would have been a good match, such that building up challengers to be kayfabe credible is a nice extra but not necessary? As long as the story of "Owens vs. Balor" is compelling, maybe it doesn’t matter how Owens got to that point.


​Hey, it’s the Network era, it doesn’t really matter how credible the challengers are, to be honest. Long as you can throw them in a four-way or Beat the Clock match or battle royale on RAW and give them three weeks of build, it really doesn’t matter how much cred they had on the last show if you just want the bare minimum. ​

BoD Daily Update: August 26, 2016


WWE Has Not Completely Shut the Door on a Daniel Bryan Return to the Ring

The following was reported by and you can read the rest of the article by clicking on the link below:

According to a source with inside knowledge, WWE has not completely shut the door on a Daniel Bryan return to the ring. Keep in mind, Bryan was cleared by doctors to return to the ring, prior to his retirement announcement, but not by the WWE medical team.

As of now, WWE is planning to continue the angle of wrestlers calling out Bryan for his retirement and taunting Bryan for not being able to wrestle. WWE knows it’s a hot button topic with fans and will continue to tease a Bryan return. While, at this time, it still remains unlikely that Bryan returns to the ring in the future, WWE has “not completely shut the door on a Daniel Bryan return to the ring”.



Charlotte Update

After her match against Sasha Banks at SummerSlam, Charlotte got yelled at backstage by WWE Officials for being careless with Banks, who was injured. Power Rankings Interview with Zack Sabre Jr.


Hogan Back Rake

When Pro Wrestling takes over….

I can’t be the only one to wonder what the hell Hogan was saying while performing the dreaded back rake or the nefarious cross-handed throat strike…."RACH SHAH"

What is a RACH SHAH??? See, thing is, when I play & battle with my dog she used to receive multiple "Ha-Do-Kins" but for awhile now, my dog, or anybody I go at, gets a RACH SHAH!

I can never explain what this means. It’s just one of many examples of when pro wrestling takes over, & I’m sure anyone reading this blog knows exactly wtf I’m talkin bout. Any help. Thanks.

​Perhaps he was saying "Ah-kem!" and that’s where the Authors of Pain got the name from? It’s apparently a hot topic tonight.

I Took a Philosophy Course!!!

Hey Scott–

So on NXT this week, Dave Meltzer had a trope shattered, when the Authors of Pain were finally given names. No longer can good ol’ Dave refer to them as "the tattooed one" and "the other one"; no, now they must be singled out by there WWE-given names "A-Kem" and "Ra-Zar"

So I have two theories; Some writing team goofball thinks he is very clever with his college courses, and this is a play on the term, "Occam’s Razor" OR…

This is an incredibly stoned writing team goofball who was high off his ass while watching "Secret of the Ooze" and went in that direction (A-Kem sounding less like "Toka" in order to avoid scary Hollywood lawyers)

What say you?

​Perhaps it’s a tribute to Jay Sherman? I dunno, did they pronounce it "AH-kem" or "AY-kem"? If it’s Ah-kem, then yeah, definitely a weird attempt at a pun. Which is, of course, the key to all successful tag team names.

Also, what’s wrong with just "Razor" and "Hammer" or something out of the 80s like that?

Impact Wrestling – August 25, 2016

Impact Wrestling
Date: August 25, 2016
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Josh Matthews, D’Angelo Dinero

We’re down to six weeks before Bound For Glory and you can start to see some of the card taking shape. Tonight’s main event has World Title implications as we have Ethan Carter III vs. Drew Galloway for the #1 contendership with Aron Rex as the guest referee. It should also be interesting to see where they go with the midcard titles. Let’s get to it.

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Thursday Nights at the BoD!

Hello everyone and welcome to Thursday Nights at the Blog of Doom! I’m your host and we have a whole night full of … well, something, I guess. There’s always something.

TNA Impact is on PopTV tonight and and it will be a show. With wrestling. Do with it as you may.

For those of you who wish to have a live watch, we’re going to go all the back to 1997 for this one. We’re going to watch Monday Nitro No. 102, which took place on Aug. 25, 1997 featuring Randy Savage vs. Lex Luger! That live watch will take place at 8 p.m. Eastern!

Whatever you want to talk about, discuss it right here!

Night and the City (1950)

Have you ever seen Night and the City ( Probably the only wrestling related movie I have ever enjoyed. I did chuckle finding out that back in 1950 they had a problem with wrestling changing and becoming more entertainment than sport. The more things change..

​Indeed, although I haven’t seen that movie, I have read Fall Guys: The Barnums of Bounce, which is a book written at the end of the 30s about the then-current scene with guys like Strangler Lewis on top of the business, even then the author is complaining that the "sport" aspect has been overtaken by too many highspots and wacky characters instead of real men. ​So it’s literally been something that "smart" fans have been bitching about since the sport was born.

That’s the link if anyone’s interested. Only $5 on Kindle and well worth it to expand your vocabulary with words like "bonecrushers" and "neckbenders".

Dusty Told Cody To Quit in 2012

Hey Scott,

Cody Rhodes came on Wrestledelphia Radio last night and dropped a bombshell: Dusty told him he should leave WWE back in 2012, right after losing the IC Title to Big Show.

Here’s the full interview:

Do you think Cody should have listened to Big Dust at the time?

​Oh yeah, for sure Cody was done as anything approaching a top guy after that. I think he kept hanging on because of the carrot of the Goldust match at Wrestlemania, but there was no way Vince was going to give them the kind of time and focus they needed. Plus the brothers tag team got jobbed out and split up right away as well. I think he could have been a top guy in ROH or been part of the Bullet Club in New Japan had he been available at that point. ​