Daily News Update – 06.22.21

NXT tonight. Not much else going on.

Two Matches Set For Money In The Bank



Several Money In The Bank Ladder Match Spots Filled


Kevin Owens Taking Time Off


Monday Night Raw – June 21, 2021

Monday Night Raw
Date: June 21, 2021
Location: Yuengling Center, Tampa, Florida
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Corey Graves, Jimmy Smith

We’re done with the Cell and that means it is time to start getting ready for Money in the Bank. That means a lot of qualifying matches before we have a series of matches with the people building momentum, whatever that means going into a ladder match. Other than that, Bobby Lashley needs a new challenger after beating Drew McIntyre again. Let’s get to it.

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Box sets

Morning Scott,

In no particular order, what would be your top 5 box sets? Thank you for your time.

The Zeppelin box, Aerosmith’s Pandora’s Box, Journey’s Time3, Beatles Anthology and Motley Crüe Music to Crash Your Car Volume 1.  

Fluke Pin = Clean Pin

Lately there have been a lot of fluke pins that people have been describing as clean pins. Do you consider a fluke pin to be a clean pin? To me a clean pin should be decisive and a fluke pin is the same as a pin by outside interference or cheating just to keep the feud going.

Long as there’s no cheating or interference involved, a pin is clean.  

Vice Versa: Chyna

Hello Scott,


I just watched the Chyna documentary on VICE. I was not expecting what we got. Have you seen it, and any chance you’d be interested in a review?


I have not watched it yet.  However I did watch the Dynamite Kid episode of Dark Side tonight and HOLY SHIT what an awesomely gut wrenching episode that was.  And what happened to Danny Spivey?!?  I think that one was up there with the Von Erich and Herb Abrams episodes as my favourites.  

AEW ELEVATION: June 21, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Elevation Episode 15 (“This Space Available for Money”), June 21, 2021.

TONIGHT! Sea Stars’ Delmi Exo hopes to last longer than two minutes against the Native Beast, Nyla Rose! After last week’s post-match attack, it’s Matt Sydal looking to get even by facing TH2’s Jack Evans! And the future challenger for the AEW Title Jungle Boy Perry steps into the ring against Cezar Bononi!

PLUS – The Acclaimed, Jade Cargill, Spears and Wardlow, Penta and Kingston, Varsity Blonds, Will Hobbs, Kris Statlander, Matt Hardy, and FTR!

But first, Rampage debuts August 13.

Tony Schiavone is with Matt Sydal, talking about how last week Mike Sydal was attacked by TH2, and now he gets revenge tonight by taking on Jack Evans. He stands up for his brother. The brothers may be calm and cool, but they have claws and will fight back. Sydal sees through Evans and Hardy, and that’s our main event!

From the AEW Arena.

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Can we just coathanger abort Roman Reigns already?

So with Roman Reign's HIAC match moved to Smackdown on super short notice like it was, can we take that as confirmation of the validity of the recent leak about Roman being such a screaming prima donna that he demands that his match always go on last was true? And that Vince was forced to move said match to free TV to appease Roman's tantrum so he could put Lashley's match on last?

Can we just get rid of Roman already? He's been a worse god-damn flop than Ultimate Warrior and the WWE should just cut bait now on him, since he's killing the ratings of Smackdown and managed to do the impossible and recreate the horror of the infamous early 00s Reign of Terror of HHH on the show. There is no point keeping him around, since he's proven himself a complete flop and worse, still demands special treatment. Get rid of him and if Rock complains, just let HHH cut a promo pointing out that they gave Roman more chances than any other big name act in WWE history and he kept dropping the ball big time, while behaving like Dennis Reynolds on steroids thinking of himself as some sort of “golden god”.

And hell, given that Roman has buried every top face on the company, make him job out (in humiliating fashion) while you are at it, to the top guys of NXT who need to be moved to Smackdown ASAP to salvage that show after Roman spent the last six months burying every top face there. Make him at least do SOMETHING good, IE put over the NXT folks, on his way out so that we can at least say he did SOMETHING of value in his ten years at the company. 

Jesse Baker

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I loved spending Father’s Day with my husband, son and my father-in-law. It’s always nice to celebrate the men in my life.

Both Scott and Thomas have their reviews of Hell in the Cell up. I generally agree although I think Scott shortchanged the Bailey-Bianca match a bit. Overall I’m ready for the Hell in the Cell to take a hiatus. It’s had a nice run. But it was a show where everyone worked hard despite the throwaway nature of the card.

RAW has Money in the Bank qualifiers tonight. Damn we’re still doing that PPV. AEW has Elevators in the Dark streaming now.

NHL Playoff game tonight features the mighty Tampa Bay Lightning against the Long Islanders. No NBA playoffs tonight.

Here’s the first true hoss fight

Keep it Clean!

What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – March 19, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are in the studio for tonight’s broadcast.  Heenan tries to open the broadcast and makes it all about him.

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Joshi Spotlight: Mariko Yoshida

Mariko Yoshida

This is, bar none, the greatest gear in wrestling history. She looks like a goddamn SUPER-VILLAIN.

Real Name: Mariko Morita
Billed Height & Weight: 5’4″ 139 lbs. (varies in body type considerably; translation: gets swole)
Career Length: 1988-2017

-One of the unsung heroes of Joshi would be Mariko Yoshida, probably most notable to Western fans for having almost the exact same name as Wolverine’s lady-love for about a decade, one Mariko Yashida. This is most likely a coincidence, though Yoshida’s real family name is apparently Morita. Her biggest contribution to Western wrestling might be the creation of the Air Raid Crash, an over-the-shoulder move where she drapes the opponent across her back, cradles a leg and their neck, and drops down in an Inverted DDT hold. It was swiped by Mike Modest, appearing prominently in Beyond the Mat (Jim Cornette marks out upon seeing it). This devastating-looking move is STILL a big maneuver, and is currently used by AEW’s Britt Baker, among others.

Yoshida was surprisingly one of the most interesting workers in 1992 AJW (with only four years in the biz at that point), using Lucha Libre-influenced stuff to great success- her sunset flips, quick runs up to the top rope, and more led to a very good “come from behind” rookie style that made flukes seem like a constant threat. Hilariously, she uses a friggin’ Super DDT as a mere “prelude to the big stuff” move, as it had zero credibility as a finisher. – Rookie Yoshida in 1992 was one of AJW’s top eight best wrestlers easily (possibly behind only Bull, Aja, Akira, Yamada, Manami & Kyoko). Her future seemed bright, before a horrible neck injury put her out for nearly two years.

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Nitro reviews

Hey Scott.

Just going through all the Nitros and noticed toward end of 97 your reviews just stop apart from very sporadic ones until the final one. Did you ever do these? Up until then you were doing both Raw and Nitro and doing a ‘winner’ each week and it was great to read the reviews as I watched them

Yeah that was when they weren’t doing three hours of Nitro every week.  Either way I was not going past January 98 with Nitro.  Plus RAW in late 97 was a pretty rough watch.  

Roman’s Best Opponent

Hey Scott-

Roman is obviously far above any other members of the WWE roster when it comes to star power and believability as a tough guy, so right now there is no one who can realistically beat him for the belt. Is there anyone on any other roster, assuming their popularity there would instantly translate to the WWE, who might have a shot in your opinion?

WALTER.  Wouldn’t draw but I’d love to see it. 

Should AEW go after more guaranteed money?

Hi Scott,

So let’s assume the AEW Saturday specials pop a nice rating for Turner and everyone is happy. 

What if the next steps were for Turner to offer to buy the rights to AEW PPV’s to air them on HBO Max?  Perhaps $25-50 million a year for all 4 PPV’s in all markets HBO Max is in.  That is a pretty small number in comparison to all live sports contracts, but a pretty sizable chunk of revenue for AEW.

If you are Tony Khan, would you take the guaranteed cash, or bet on yourself and think AEW’s PPV are going to grow and be worth more?

I’d take the guaranteed money.  WWE has taught us that you ALWAYS take the guaranteed money.  

Also HBO Max is literally only in one market so they’d have to maintain PPV presence everywhere else in the world anyway.  

No top WWE faces left

With heels as champions on both brands who have basically dominated their competition, who are the supposed credible face challengers left in WWE? McIntyre lost to Lashley 3 straight times. Reigns beats everyone. Cesaro jobbed clean to Seth Rollins. Keith Lee & Bray Wyatt are MIA. Black & Strowman got released. Riddle is booked as a goof. Orton is terrible as a face. 

Who is left?
No, he died.  

Hell In A Cell 2021

Hell In A Cell 2021
Date: June 20, 2021
Location: Yuengling Center, Tampa, Florida
Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee, Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, Corey Grave

It’s time for another big theme show with the event focusing on the match we saw two days ago. This time we have a pair of matches inside the Cell, as Bianca Belair defends the Smackdown Women’s Title against Bayley and Drew McIntyre challenges Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title. Let’s get to it.

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Hell a Cell 2021 Watchalong Thread

We begin at 7PMET with the pre-show on YouTube.  Main show starts at 8 on Peacock.

Other options: Saint Louis at Atlanta in MLB’s ESPN Game of the Week, and Hawks at Sixers in the two best words in American pro sports: Game Seven.

Happy Father’s Day to Scott and all other dads out there, including mine.

Enjoy the show!

Most contrived move in wrestling

Pro wrestling has a long list of moves that require complete suspension of disbelief because they'd never be used in a real fight or athletic competition. Which wrestling move or spot do you roll your eyes at the most because its entire premise & execution is completely unrealistic?

I find most of the Bucks' double-team finishers, particularly the Meltzer Driver, to be so ludicrously over the top that they would fall into that category, HOWEVER, I also know that they're deliberately making them ludicrously over the top as a meta commentary on ludicrous double-team moves so they kind of escape criticism that way, I guess.  

But I mean really, once you had dudes demonstrating how you can perform a Canadian destroyer with a blow-up doll, that's still the winner by far.