WWF Wrestling Challenge – September 8th, 1991

  1. September 8, 1991

From the Erie Civic Center in Erie, PA

We get a new montage here too with the Ultimate Warrior completely removed.

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan as Heenan plugs Ric Flair’s appearance this week on “Prime Time Wrestling.”

In action this week are the Natural Disasters and Big Bossman. Plus, Ted DiBiase on the “Barber Shop” and more!

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Tatanka and Luger

In a reverse of the Ric Flair Savage/Warrior swerve, both Tatanka and Luger should have been revealed as having sold out.

Yeah, but then what's the heat and where they do they go with it from there?  I think in order for that to work you'd have to have a third guy involved who is constantly trying to mediate the bad blood between them, and then they both turn on HIM at Summerslam.  Who even would that be, though?  

Cole and Tazz

Dear Scott,

How are you doing today?

So I have been watching WWF stuff from 2002 and I gotta say that I can get a sense of JR saying things that sound a little like Vince is in his ear….

but it is not as noticeable as it is with Cole on Smackdown…

For me I don't really care if it is Vince that causes the announcers to be bad at their job-even Holly pointed out in his book that people do not like Cole as an announcer. He just makes it really obvious.

So to my question-it seems like the only time Cole was not bad as an announcer was when he was announcing with Tazz.

Why was this? Was it because the shows and announcing were better planned out beforehand by Heyman?

And if so, can we assume the announcing isn't going to get better until there is an ownership change?
​Cole & Tazz sounded less produced because they WERE less produced.  Vince was actually quite hands-off with Smackdown for a long time and apparently didn't start yelling in people's ears again until the point when Mick Foley took over color commentary on the show.  As we've discovered quite a few times, un-produced Michael Cole doing his laid-back announcer deal is actually quite entertaining.  The best example is the Showdown at Shea special that was on WWE 24/7 (and sadly not on the Network yet) where he and Foley recorded new commentary for it while giving zero fucks and just riffing on all the goofy stuff from the time period.  ​

NXT on FS1

Do you think they shop NXT around to networks? I'm not saying it would get anywhere even remotely near RAW/Smackdown money, however, a network like FS1 might jump at the chance to get it. They just lost a ton of programming content provided to them from the UFC. You don't think they could get, say, 10 million a year for the rights for NXT? 

While NXT has people that definitely aren't ready to be on TV, they DO have ready for prime time guys on the roster. Let's not act like everyone is too green to be seen by 400,000 viewers on FS1. And it's small enough that Vince and Dunn would stay away and let Triple H continue to do his own thing from Full Sail.

Then they could once again try to purchase Ring of Honor to basically take NXT's place on the network…hybrid of developmental and Indy veterans. Roll all of the cruiserweights into ROH.

Problem is that NXT has no track record on real TV, so there's no interest in giving it a chance to have a track record. Plus viewership on the Network is fuck all outside of Takeovers, I've heard.  I just don't see it.  

More like “So Low”, am I right?


Disappointing box office aside, I saw “Solo” on Thursday night and really enjoyed it.  I found it a much easier watch than the densely constructed VII and VIII, kind of a light throwback heist movie but in SPACE.  As a movie, it wasn't great or anything, but it was an enjoyable romp.  Better luck with the Boba Fett movie, I guess.

Tv shows

best character from each show…go!
​Original recipe?  Darlene.  ​
-Night Court
​Come on, Dan Fielding and it's not even close.  ​

​Never watched it.  ​
-The Drew Carey Show
​I always liked Oswald and the fact that he grew and changed over the years.  ​
-King of the Hill
​Gotta be Bobby.  ​

​Although most of the people in my life consider me a real life Cliff, Woody was always the MVP.  ​

-Family Guy. Haha just kidding, Family Guy sucks. 

​Well, now it does, although I just picked up about 10 seasons on Amazon for dirt cheap and I'll probably binge through the later ones at some point.  Regardless, Brian and/or Stewie, obviously.​

Network owned wrestling


Piggybacking off the time Warner question. 

Do you think that there is a chance. That will all the money wwe has just been given. That a network would want to start their own promotion.  Or an even scarier thought.  Does impact wrestling actually
Have value now?

​That “network starting their own promotion” idea is exactly what ITV in Britain is currently doing with World of Sport, and WWE responded by immediately creating their own British tournament and signing as much talent away as humanly possible.  It would be even uglier if someone tried it here in the US, I'd bet.  You can take Vince out of the carnivals, but you can't take the carny out of Vince.​