Rock Star Gary reflects on WCCW 06-15-1985

Taped from Dallas, TX

Airdate: June 15, 1985 (taped 05/31)

Attendance: unknown

Hosted by Bill Mercer

Can Kerry defeat Gang in a return match? Will Cornette succeed in retrieving his green jacket? And who will join me for this playful episode?

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Only satisfying Miz option

I just found out Miz is champ.  I didn't even know he was MITB owner.  Hell I don't remember much of the past 10 years of the main prgrams.  But it sounds to me that the MITB and championship is so devalued, that it really doesn't matter what happens next, it's not going to help in any way.  

Isn't the only satisfying way is for Miz to fly to UK, look at the belt in ther ring, WALTER chops the belt in his face, in turn destroying the belt, destroying Miz, end the whole fucking thing, and now Miz has to quarantine for a few weeks when he returns so we also get that as a plus. 

aka WALTER rules


Best Comic Over-Sell

Hey Scott–

The 1992 Royal Rumble is the gift that keeps on giving; No matter how many times I've seen it, I notice new things. For example, early in the match, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair seem to be in a competition to see who can comically bump better off Kerry Von Erich's discus punch.

Now the question: Who did the best exaggerated bump off of a move? My mind immediately goes to The Rock selling the stone cold stunner (because Rocky is the best at everything ever) but are there any contenders that you think I'm forgetting about?
Marty Jannetty selling clotheslines was already great.  The entirety of the Shawn Michaels v. Hulk Hogan match of course. 

Outside the norm Dream Matches

Hi Scott!

Long time reader etc etc.

Thought this may be a good topic of conversation for the ever entertaining board. When I say outside the norm dream matches, I’m talking about both (a) never possible and (b) rarely thought of/discussed.

My personal pick would be Kota Ibushi vs Kurt Angle (bonus if we’re talking pill popping lunatic TNA Angle)
Lou Thesz facing Terry Funk in an EXPLODING BARBED WIRE DEATH MATCH. 

Lords of the Ring!

I was asked in the manager matches review if I could take a look at Lord Alfred Hayes and Bobby Heenan wrestling one another in the AWA, and while I don’t have any other manager-themed matches in the bag to put alongside it I thought it would be a good time to do a lord-themed review, so have a look and see what awaits inside!

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Daily News Update – 02.28.21

Well, we’ve reached the end of February.

NWA removes all content from YouTube

Apparently we should let this one play out and see where it goes.

Dark Side of the Ring to feature an episode about Collision in Korea

Finn Balor going to social media war with Connor


Smackdown – September 29, 2006

Date: September 29, 2006
Location: Convention Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

We’re less two weeks away from No Mercy and most of the card is set. That’s a good situation to be in as it means the next two weeks can be spent firming everything up and adding something here and there. This week is about the guest star though, as John Cena is here for a six man main event. Let’s get to it.

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ECW on Sci Fi – September 26, 2006

ECW on Sci Fi
Date: September 26, 2006
Location: Convention Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Commentators: Tazz, Joey Styles

Things are starting to round into form around here, but the question is whether or not that is a good thing. There are some parts of the show that work well enough, but there are so many that don’t and it is showing badly. As usual, this is likely going to depend on the guest star so let’s get to it.

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Mike Reviews Shows Considered To Be Stinkers – ECW Wrestlepalooza 1998 (03/05/1998)

Hello You!

Back again with another Stinker review, with us taking a foray into the world of Extreme for the first time with this feature (I have reviewed one of the WWE ECW shows before, but COME ON). For those of you who haven’t read one of these before, what I do is review a show that has a reputation for being stinky in an effort to decide whether it deserves that bad rap or not.

In January we did a reader request and we’ll be doing the same for March’s review as well when we look at WCW Bash at the Beach 1999. April will be my personal choice and then May’s review will be a reader request again, so if you have a show that you want added to the potential list then mention it in the comments and I’ll make sure it’s in the hat when I do the draw. I’ll reveal which lucky show has “won” in April’s review.

Wrestlepalooza was ECW’s fifth attempt at running pay per views, and to say their PPV output prior to this had been a mixed bag would be an understatement. Barely Legal 97 had been a good solid effort, whilst Hardcore Heaven 97 had been an okayish show marred by some poor production and a pokey looking venue. November to Remember 97 had probably been the most professional looking effort but had suffered from a boring Main Event and a catastrophic mess of a match between Sabu and The Sandman. Living Dangerously 98 is a show I’ve actually reviewed before and at least featured a couple of really good matches, including one between Taz and Bam Bam Bigelow.

That event had ended with Al Snow pinning ECW World Champ Shane Douglas in a tag match, which not surprisingly led to him earning himself a Title shot for Wrestlepalooza. Bigelow had defeated Taz for the TV Title at Living Dangerously but had since lost the belt to Rob Van Dam in a fantastic match from Buffalo on Hardcore TV (Well worth hunting that one down). This had sowed further dissension between RVD and his long time tag partner/hated rival Sabu, as Sabu was miffed that RVD had won the belt when he was really just supposed to have softened Bigelow up so that Sabu could win the belt from him at a later date.

Thus Wrestlepalooza had a Semi-Main of RVD defending the TV Title against Sabu and a Main Event of Douglas defending the ECW Title against Snow. If both those matches delivered and the under-card was mostly fine, then the show would be an easy thumbs up on the slightly more generous ECW sliding-scale. Let’s see if that’s the case!

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Was Miz requested?

Nbc paid a mint for the network.  Wrestlemania is can be seen by everyone who has peacock.  Peacock is free to everyone with Xfinity/comcast. 

So safe to say. More people than ever will have access to wrestle MANIA. Do you think NBC requested some more mainstream appeal with the Miz?  I know it sounds like a joke as I am typing.  

Also- do you think Mania will now have some big guns come back. Rock,Cena, Brock, Taker etc? 

Xfinity is huge in the northeast. This can be a huge thing for WWE. I hope you read through this after I implied Miz is mainstream appeal.  

Keep doing the (war) lords work. 



Yup, I’m pretty sure the billion dollar deal was contingent on the Miz main eventing Wrestlemania.  100%.  

Just So We’re Clear…

… Hulk Hogan gets ostracized as a horrible human being for using the n-word multiple times in a sex tape.

But Chris Jericho's wife is a ride-and-die Trump insurrectionist and this gets no media play, because AEW is beloved by the hardcore fans…?

… thoughts?

Hulk Hogan is a slightly larger star than Chris Jericho’s wife.  

Daily News Update – 02.27.21

Man, just one episode of WandaVision left!

Bianca Belair Makes Wrestlemania Decision

Go Fund Me Set Up Following Jocephus’ Death

Triple H Challenges Elon Musk For Wrestlemania: Mars

Smackdown – February 26, 2021

Date: February 26, 2021
Location: Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves

We have a big announcement this week as women’s Royal Rumble winner Bianca Belair is going to announce her opponent for Wrestlemania XXXVII. Granted it should be pretty clear who she is going to face, but at least they are going to announce the match so we can start the proper build. Let’s get to it.

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Friday Night Get-Down: February 26, 2021

TONIGHT!  Bianca Belair makes her WrestleMania match official, plus where do the six men of Elimination Chamber go from here?  Also, Reigns!  Edge!  POINT TO THAT SIGN!

TOMORROW… I GET A VACCINE SHOT!  Plus, Scott talks APA and Mike reviews an ECW show!

Much thanks to those who talked up the Observer Awards — mostly a civil conversation, which at this board is hilarious.

And now, here it is: your Moment of Zen.

All right, folks, we’ve been over the rules.  I want you to follow the mod’s instructions at all times.  I expect a good, clean thread.  Now, touch gloves, go to your keyboards, and come out posting!


Joshi Spotlight: Jumbo Hori

Every 1970s Joshi’s theme song sounds like it’s from ’70s anime. It’s tremendous.

Real Name: Ayumi Hori
Billed Height & Weight: 5’11” & 176 lbs.
Career: 1978-1985, 2006-2017 (a few matches per year)

-Here’s a bio I’m largely doing just for the sake of curiosity- looking up random 1980s AJW matches and names and found this interesting name, humorously called “Jumbo” because she’s of the stupendous height of 5’11”. I mean, it sounds funny, though that IS tall for a woman- 5’8″ is so tall that two women of that height were called “The Twin Towers” in 1993, much less someone three inches taller. “Jumbo” is actually a very common name for AJW- it was tossed on their first World Champion, and has been used on a few other women as well. Looks like Hori was the last of them.

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