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Maria Kanellis & Mike Bennett Re-Sign With TNA


Caristico Update

Caristico has been out of action since suffering an elbow injury on a dive at the 2/10 Arena Mexico show but is expected to return soon.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter


Highspots Releases I’m With Spud With Guest Veda Scott



Why was Mabel/Viscera given so many runs?

Hi Scott, Blog poster Jabroniville here again.

I was curious about the relative longevity of the WWF/E career of Nelson "Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V" Frazier, who seems to have stuck around for years, despite never being what anyone would call "great", or what most people would call "good".

Now, I have an unapologetic love of Big Fan Monster wrestlers, and I was a HUGE Mabel fan as a kid- to an embarrassing degree. But I was clearly in the minority. Men on a Mission were a pretty lame team (and only held the Tag Titles for a few days), "King Mabel" was a disaster of a push (who goes from Main Eventing SummerSlam to fired in six months?), and he was never that over in any persona.

So why was he around for so long? Sure, Monsters always get pushes here and there in wrestling, but most guys would be gone quickly if they weren’t that successful. Yet this guy got a WWF job almost as soon as he debuted (1993 was his first year in wrestling, and he was in the WWF already), got a push as King Mabel, and had a three-year run overall. Then he returned only two years later, having another two year run as a Jobber To The Stars. Then he all of a sudden returns AGAIN, getting a four year run out of his "World’s Largest Love Machine/Big Daddy V" thing. On top of that, I’ve heard he was reckless and often hurt his opponents (an issue in his run as King Mabel). That’s about a nine year run, all things considered! And much of that was him past his prime!

So why was he brought back so often, and kept around for so long each time? Surely better wrestlers didn’t enjoy runs nearly as long. Granted, he had some value as a huge guy who was nonetheless perfectly happy jobbing for years (thus making guys look good, especially as he could go up for suplexes), and I’ve heard he was a nice guy… but STILL.

​I think you pretty much nailed it. He was a nice guy who tried to make guys look good and did whatever stupid stuff was asked. ​

Abdullah the Butcher

Did Vince ever show interest in Abdullah the Butcher? You would think he would see him as a good opponent for the Undertaker? Or either feuding or teaming with Mick Foley or Kane?

​I think he MIGHT have, but Abby needed to have a deal so unrestrictive that he could work wherever and whenever he wanted to maintain all his indy and Japan dates, and there’s no way that Vince was going to allow that kind of thing. Plus the whole "blood and guts" aspect would never fly in the WWF. ​

NOVA Pro Wrestling: Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Hey, they were back in my neighborhood, so I stopped by. DVDVR already reviewed this show, but I was there so I wanted to join in. As a note, I am reviewing the DVD of the show, to make sure I didn’t miss anything when taking notes. This show is available on SmartMarkVideo, and I cannot recommend it highly enough – as you’ll see, holding the show on Black Friday allowed for an all-star cast to show up.

From Fairfax, VA.

Your hosts are Kevin Ford and Emil Jay.

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Heeeeeeeeeeey we don’t want no Bayley


How is Naomi, who’s a better heel than face, able to feel more like a face than Bayley? I personally think she sucks as a character, whatever it is it’s suppose to be. Add the fact that she’s bad period, whether its cutting a promo or simply throwing punches. In ring wise, she’s only good working from underneath. I marked for Bayley at one point, maybe I should see what Smackdown writers can do for her before I judge.

​I’m confused…what’s wrong with Bayley?​

NXT – February 22, 2017

Date: February 22, 2017
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Percy Watson, Nigel McGuinness

We’re getting closer and closer to Orlando as we’re….well we’re still in Orlando but it’s not the big show yet. Tonight’s big deal is a triple threat match for the #1 contendership to the Women’ Title as Asuka is in need of some more competition. It’s hard to say what else we’ve got coming up around here and that’s a good thing as you could be in for a good surprise. Let’s get to it.

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Monday Night Raw – September 23, 2002

Monday Night Raw
Date: September 23, 2002
Location: Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

It’s the night after Unforgiven and the big story on the Raw side is Ric Flair joining forces with HHH to form….well to form nothing at the moment but that’s the only noteworthy thing that happened last night. I’m worried about what we’ll be getting going forward but that’s so often the case around here. Let’s get to it.

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Sorry, guys…

I’ve deactivated the fancy new Google mobile site I’ve been using, because the site was taking HOURS to update and the speed boost just wasn’t worth it. If they can address it for me, l’ll change back, but until then it’s back to the old WordPress mobile site.

Two Diverse points

Know you’re on vacation but

1. I’m bummed there was no portal sequence on Flash this time. Then again, Flash is fighting a telepathic albino gorilla in a giant arena as I’m typing this so I might be ungrateful.

2. How weird are these retro observers from 2000 that Dave’s putting up? Beyond the obvious WCW implosion, there’s all these guys – Scott Vick, Ron Reis – that WWF was looking to sign but didnt, presumably because they added the Radicals.

Gods I missed evil Wells. Even if it’s Grodd.

​Cheap effects budget for this week aside, Tom Cavanaugh playing Harry Wells as possessed by Grodd was ACES. I’m continually blown away that JD’s goofy brother from Scrubs could be such a fantastic actor when given material to work with. Also, Julian was pretty funny this episode, even if he’s clearly dead meat any day now. "You’re going to the planet of the apes!" was killer. And of COURSE Grodd played Barry like a sucker because even the normal, non-telepathic gorilla is smarter than Barry, so he had no chance.

The only really weak part of the episode for me was the stuff with Kid Flash, as the writers appear to be trying to channel the show-off stuff from the "classic" Wally West and stapling it onto a character who doesn’t really fit that attitude. But hey, I’ve got Titans to read for the real Wally, at least.

Haven’t had a chance to watch Supergirl yet, but if she’s not battling telepathic gorillas, Flash is the clear winner of the week. I’m sure it’ll be back to "Woe is me, we have alter the timeline to save Iris and fix everything by running faster somehow" by next week, of course.

BoD Daily Update: February 22nd, 2017 NXT Preview


Zack Sabre Jr. To Make New Japan Wrestling Debut

Sabre Jr. will debut on company’s 45th Anniversary Show against Katsuyori Shibata, which takes place on 3/6. Shibata’s Rev Pro British Heavyweight Championship will be on the line Interview with Mark Jindrak



Reigns vs Taker

Hi Scott,

Just got thinking how they get to Reigns vs Taker at Mania. Could it be that they have Taker cost Reigns against Strowman (thus protecting Strowman) as revenge for the Rumble elimination? If so, why would he have waited so long? Would WWE think that Taker is a heel as a result or would they play it face vs face?

Lastly, is revenge for his Rumble elimination a weak reason seeing that he’s waited this long to act on it?

Lastly lastly, if Reigns were to lose in this manner, would that mean he’s beating Taker at Mania?

​I’m pretty sure he’s beating Taker regardless of how the match with Strowman goes because this is pretty much Vince’s last Hail Mary attempt to coronate Roman as the top guy. But yeah, I’d say it’s a safe bet that Undertaker screws Roman over at Fastlane and goes on to lose at WM. It might be weak but it’s as good as anything else (tentatively) booked for the show thus far.

Perfect and his Insurance policy

So Perfect is clearly crippled at SS 91 but puts Bret over and is gone for 18 months. Returns full time at Sue.Ser. 92, does the Flair feud, Luger, puts on classic with Bret at KOTR, swing and miss with Shawn at SS 93 and then that’s it as an active wrestler until WCW in 97. When does he get the insurance policy? Was he re-injured between SummerSlam and Survivor Series 93 so bad he thought he’d never wrestle again? And if the policy was PERFECT then why ever return to full time competition? Sadly, he might still be alive.

No way, dude, steroids enlarge your heart over a period of years and then doing coke speeds up the heart rate until it basically explodes. Being retired or not wouldn’t change that.

Anyway, I believe the policy kicked in after Summerslam 91 if I’m remembering that issue of the Observer correctly, and he was basically being main event money by Lloyd’s of London while he was out, which meant that Vince had to pay him a crazy amount of money to get him back into the ring again. And he was desperate enough to do exactly that at Survivor Series! And then by Summerslam 93 he was injured again and started collecting the policy again, presumably waiting for either side to be desperate enough to pay him enough to justify breaking the policy.

A Couple of questions that aren’t related

Hey Scott-
There are a ton of questions about who might never be back in the WWE’s good graces. (Jarrett, Demolition, Big Poppa Pump) but after reading the observer. The fact that Superstar Billy Graham was welcomed back, inducted, and a DVD no less really should mean that never say never correct? He burned all bridges and pissed on them and was still brought back.
He basically snaked a free surgery and not only left but really could have hurt them permanently.

​Wrestling is a weird and unpredictable business filled with weird and unpredictable relationships, man. ​

I know this might be a USA thing. But Bill Simmons was fired from ESPN in a very ugly and public way. Do you think that WWE pairing up with his can effect there relationship with ESPN.

​No idea. I only vaguely know who Simmons is.​

Lastly, in kind of a throw away line. You insinuated that WWE is paying ESPN for the relationship.
Do you really think that is the case. ESPN is owned by Disney. Do you really think that they would add a "fake" sport just for a couple of bucks?

​Yup. And it’s probably significantly more than "a couple of bucks" as well. And I don’t think there’s any insinuation needed, Meltzer said it was basically a paid sponsorship that they have with ESPN. They might be owned by Disney but they’re hurting right now, as I understand it. ​

Smackdown – February 21, 2017

Date: February 21, 2017
Location: Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario, California
Commentators: John Bradshaw Layfield, David Otunga. Tom Phillips, Mauro Ranallo

It’s a double shot tonight as we have a pair of big gimmick matches to get us further along the Road to Wrestlemania. First up it’s Natalya vs. Nikki Bella in a falls count anywhere match which should be the blowoff to their feud. Other than that it’s a ten man battle royal with the winner getting the World Title shot against Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania XXXIII. Let’s get to it.

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