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HeyOh! It’s Saturday dontcha know. I spent the morning watching Day 8 of the G1. It was great. Read my review, go on, I dare you!

  • Will Ospreay is off an indie show this weekend due to injury
  • Kane spoke to Rare about potentially running for office
  • John Cena’s show American Grit has been renewed for a second season

Finally, Rusev and Lana got married yesterday. As it says in Mark 10:9, “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man nor Vince put asunder.”

Now talk, damn it!

Jim Ross’s blog

Do you think A.J. Lee left The WWE of her own free will, or do you think she was forced out? I’m not talking so much her relationship with Punk, but the nasty tweet she exchanged with Stephanie McMahon on social media about a month prior. I believe it had to do with pushing the women’s division, and I don’t think it was a work. Know anything about this?

Wait, what does this have to do with Jim Ross’s blog?

Fixing 1995

Hey dude. So saw your response on fixing a certain year and you chose 1995. What would you have done differently at least in WWF with a roster full of Mantaurs, Well Dunn’s, and Men on a Missions? The Rumble for instance was a striking example of how bad of shape the roster was in. Do you give the belt to Shawn at WM and still have Sid turn on him? Doubleturn at WM with Shawn and Diesel? Have a face Bret chase a heel Shawn for the belt all summer? Throw Razor in there someway? Now that I think about it I guess the main event scene could have been significantly improved but the mid-card would have been pure hell to sit through. I mean with Bret in the main event scene we miss out on those classics with Isaac Yankem and Jean Pierre Lafitte!! Thoughts?

​What was wrong with Well Dunn and Pierre? They were all good workers, they just had bad gimmicks. Star power was lacking, but it’s not like there weren’t a bunch of guys who could have good matches. The basic problem with the year was that they were clinging desperately to the cartoon era while ECW was presenting characters that reflected the real personalities of the wrestlers, and the business was passing Vince by like Verne Gagne. He’s out there presenting Lawrence Taylor as a special attraction at WM like it’s Mr. T in 1985 or something. I think if you put the belt on Shawn or Bret at Wrestlemania ​it at least stabilizes the main event again and then someone like Razor Ramon can get title shots. I still think that aborted Ramon heel turn and Undertaker match would have kickstarted his career against in a huge way. If he does over Undertaker as rumored, then suddenly you’ve got Shawn Michaels defending at Summerslam against mega-heel Ramon and now you’re getting somewhere. Plus that gives you enough combinations with Diesel / Shawn / Bret / Ramon and maybe Bigelow and Undertaker that you have some good star power on top in the mix for a while.

Really, they HAD to hit rock bottom to change anyway, but anything that spares us Diesel v. Mabel can’t be a bad thing.

How can Jeff Jarrett be this stupid?


I don’t understand how a guy like Jeff Jarrett who has been in the business for the better part of 30 years could mismanage his GFW promotion this badly.

He booked major venus to hold TV tapings at over a year ago without having any TV deals in place, and now those tapings are sitting and collecting dust, unlikely to ever air even if he did get a TV deal (which seems increasingly unlikely).

Was this whole GFW thing just some kind of money laundering scheme? Did Jarrett believe someone else who was stringing him along?

​In a sense he was right to do it the way he did, because without TV the promotion would have been dead out of the water anyway. He didn’t want to be a regional indy, so he opted for the plan of shooting TV and then hoping it to sell it after the fact. It didn’t work, but that’s more on the lack of TV stations looking for wrestling these days. It’s more fair to say he was dumber for trying to promote in the first place, because he should have known better after years of dealing with failing promotions and money marks. ​

Friday Night at the Blog

Man, what a crazy week. We’re heading into the weekend, so hopefully things calm down a bit until we start the whole thing over again on Monday.

Is tonight the only weeknight without wrestling? What the hell are we supposed to do now? I guess I’ll focus on baseball and other things. Like work.

Oh! For everyone asking about that picture of the BoD meet-up from earlier this week, check after the jump!

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The WWE and USA Network

>When I hear of The WWE making lame excuses for their piss poor ratings the last few years, the most popular being "there are more ways to watch a program now than ever before,(Which, don’t tell "The Walking Dead" that), and "new media", etc, do you think that is a reason why they brought out the brand split again, as well as started airing Smackdown live on Tuesdays? What I’m saying is that if I was an Executive at USA Network or an Advertiser, I would’ve flipped my lid at them more or less saying that watching Raw or Smackdown as it airs wasn’t important. I think the aforementioned 2 only happened because The WWE was getting heat for delivering shit ratings for Raw and Smackdown, as I can’t imagine Vince doing all this if he wasn’t. Your thoughts? Thanks.

Well of course. USA is paying hundreds of millions to WWE for the TV rights and Bonnie Hammer isn’t gonna put up with 3 million viewers on non football nights for long. Wrestling promoters have been coming up with excuses for weak ratings since TV began, and taking credit for success for just as long.

Booking Mike Awesome post ECW

Hey Scott,

I’ve been watching some Mike Awesome stuff from WCW and can’t believe how much they wasted him. If booked correctly, I think he could’ve been THEIR Brock Lesnar. Sure, WCW was beyond repair by the time he signed with them but maybe he’d still be alive by now if his career matched his talent. This blame extends to WWE too. Besides stupid booking, was he a problem backstage or was he undercut due to the way he left ECW and was seen as unreliable? Talk about wasted talent…

​Yeah, the whole deal with the ECW title at the end was a pretty big black mark on him, I think, because he really screwed Heyman over on the deal. But I think overall he was viewed as a guy with potential who just needed the right gimmick, and no one could find it for him. He was too big to be booked as a small guy, and too small to be booked as a big guy. ​

Fix a Year

Hey Scott. Hope all is well.

If you could redo/fix any year in pro wrestling, what would it be? I guess you’d want to fix bad angles or redo a year in which some great matches never occurred. For fantasy booking sakes, let’s say you have a bottomless bank account and every wrestler will play nice and get along with one another.

Just to get the discussion going, I’d say 1993 WWF. I wish Hogan/Savage and maybe even Warrior could have had a lineup of dream matches with Hart/HBK and on the undercard you could have had 1-2-3 Kid/Jannety/Owen/Steiners having 4 star matches with each other.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

​I’d go with 1995, to spare us the title run of Kevin Nash and crap like Wrestlemania 11 and King of the Ring 95. Not to mention all the stuff going wrong in WCW at the time that pretty much drove me away from both of the big two for nearly a year.​

Wrestling Observer Flashback–08.31.87

Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback on the debut episode of Scott’s Podcast of Doom over on the PTBN Network.  I really enjoyed doing the show with Brian, and our goal is to pump them out bi-weekly, assuming Brian’s dryer and my cat are able to handle the workload.  I was actually debating just letting my daughter jump in like she was threatening to do, since she wants to be a YouTube star anyway

And we already kick things off with everyone’s favorite feature:

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Another Boom Period In Pro Wrestling?

> Do you ever think we’ll see another boom period in

> pro wrestling that we saw in the late 1990’s, or do you
> think that was a once in a lifetime thing? Thanks again
> for your time.

Well, let’s put it this way: Wrestling has been around for more than a hundred years in the current form, and it took a very specific set of circumstances for that kind of boom period to happen even once. That being said, WWE will continue making millions of dollars a year on a steady basis now, but things are based on a different business model now and are much less likely to explode into what we got in the 90s.

BoD Daily Update: July 29th, 2016

Reason For WWE Women’s Title Change Taking Place on RAW

The choice was made for Sasha to win the title on RAW instead of at SummerSlam, which was originally planned, because the company wanted to kick off the “new era” with an important title change. The rematch is still scheduled for SummerSlam.


WWE Releases Three NXT Talents

Former “Tough Enough” competitor Zamariah “ZZ” Loupe along with Josh Woods and Tom Kingdon


PWG Thirteen Takes Place Tonight

Here is the card:

Chuck Taylor vs. Trent?

Jeff Cobb vs. Trevor Lee

Sami Callihan vs. Marty Scrull

Adam Cole vs. Brian Cage

Timothy Thatcher vs. Roderick Strong

Death by Elbow vs. Young Bucks

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Zack Sabre Jr. for the PWG Title


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Impact Wrestling – July 28, 2016

Impact Wrestling
Date: July 28, 2016
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: D’Angelo Dinero, Josh Matthews

Tonight is still about finding a #1 contender for the World Title as we have the semifinals of the Bound For Glory Playoff with four people still possibly advancing to fight Lashley. Speaking of Lashley he now holds both the TNA World and X-Division Titles so we’ll have to see what he does with both belts. Let’s get to it.

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The NEW TNT – Thursday Night Thread

Welcome to the Thursday Night Thread, where it’s Must-See-Blogging all night long.

The Democratic National Convention wraps up tonight, with Hillary Clinton taking the stage to accept the nomination of Democratic candidate for President of the United States of America. I’m sure no one has an opinion on that one. Also, TNA is now on Thursday nights, so maybe Matt Hardy will do something else that people find funny.

As a programming note, Live Threads have been suspended until further notice, as our fine feathered host, Duck, feels there’s too much wrestling going on. There must be something else to do tonight… Oh! I know.

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Scott’s Podcast of Doom! Episode 1!

Scott Keith’s brand new podcast debuts on Place to Be Nation! On the pilot episode, Scott and Brian Bayless work out the kinks as they talk about Brock Lesnar’s positive test and what it means for WWE, the new era of RAW and SmackDown Live!, and the fallout from Battleground. In their last segment the guys flash back to discuss the infamous Heroes of Wrestling show and then wrap up by answering some questions from Scott’s mailbag!

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Scott Keith’s Podcast of Doom #1


Smackdown’s Women’s Title Solution

> With all the unanswered questions regarding the tag team and women on Smackdown, how about this for one solution: when it comes to the women, why not do something along the lines of Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan striking a deal with William Regal for the exclusive rights to the NXT Women’s Champion. Let Bayley or Asuka come up as the Champion, and have that belt featured on Smackdown while having the Champion also work NXT tapings , instead of any awkward Raw/SD continuity, and also giving NXT more exposure to casual audiences. Better solution I feel than creating another Women’s Title, and when you think about it, the NXT Women’s Champion has probably been treated with more respect over the last 3 years than almost all of the Main Roster Champions in that time. You can brag about the strength of competition over it and and the battles featured in the NXT DVD set or the “100 Greatest Matches” book to really drive home the point and sell other products at the same time. Then fans can finally experience the dream of Eva Marie being the Champion.

I like how you built to the punchline there. Top notch work.

The idea is shockingly solid, but my concern would be that NXT tapes and plans shit months ahead, while Vince books on a napkin, so I don’t see it working from a logistics standpoint. Good stab at it, though.