Rock Star Gary reflects on…WCCW David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions

First of all, I would like to take WWE Network to task for not having this show available. While the Vault doesn’t get as much traffic as the current content supershows such as this one (and its successors) along with AWA’s Superclash shows would help to promote the vast content of the Network quite well.

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BoD Daily Update

Sting Not Wrestling At SummerSlam?

Despite being expected to wrestle at SummerSlam, word as of yesterday afternoon is that he is not scheduled to wrestle on the show. There had been speculation among WWE talent that he would team with Stephen Amell to face Stardust and possibly the Miz or team with Roman Reigns to face Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper. He is still scheduled to participate in the SummerSlam Experience the weekend of the show.


Alicia Fox Update

Fox suffered a mild concussion during her tag team match on RAW this past Monday.


WWE RAW Ratings

RAW drew 3.68 million viewers this past Monday. Here are the hourly breakdowns:

8pm: 3.42 million viewers

9pm: 3.75 million viewers

10pm: 3.84 million viewers


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Kayfabe question

Hi Scott. I’ve started reading "Titan Shattered" and the foreword got
me thinking about how much better things seemed before everything got
exposed. Do you ever regret having the business exposed to you? I
realize it would be almost impossible to keep kayfabe the way it was
in the old days, but I feel like we would all be a lot happier if it
had stuck around in some way shape or form. Any thoughts? Thanks

​I have no regrets about getting smartened up. There’s been many points where watching strictly as a fan would have driven me away for good. 1995 alone almost did it as it is. The business has changed and it’s silly to pretend otherwise.

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So the World Champ jobs to the U.S. Champ, neither participant in the main event of a 4-hour show even appears on this episode of Raw, the IC Title is currently on ice due to injury, and the son of one of the biggest wrestling legends in history who just died is still painting his face like a goof and feuding on Twitter with a TV star on the 5th best broadcast network.

My question is this (since the above defies reason): I know that Harts/Demoliton match from Summerslam 90 is a sentimental favorite match of yours, and it’s mine too. What about that match is so damn charming?

Semi-related, but irrelevant: Was that the high point of Power & Glory? Watching that Philly crowd delight in their destruction of The Rockers sure felt like they were crazy over.

​I don’t know the science behind the Harts/Demos match, but the ending shot of Neidhart holding the belt and cackling like a maniac is one that always trigger specific good memories for me. Basically it was just a really well-done story of 3 heels bullying all the smaller babyface teams and then having it backfire on them. Plus, Road Warriors, so yay. If they had done this match at WM6 as originally planned it might be even more fondly remembered.

And as for P&G, yeah, they were over way beyond their theoretical ceiling. I mean, basically they took Paul Roma and a washed up Hercules and somehow got a top level tag team out of it. I’m not sure why Vince soured on them so fast unless it was a case of the Nasty Boys displacing them from the pecking order, but really there was no long-term with either team anyway so it doesn’t matter. ​

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Mero in 96

Hello, Scott, while wondering how the late 90s could have gone differently and rewatching the the early months of Nitro, I found myself thinking about what happened with Marc Mero.
1) at the beginning of the year, he won a decent feud with DDP as TV champ and thing seemed to be going well for him in the mid card until he abruptly dropped the title the Luger and was gone. I recall on two deeper are Nitros where Eric Bischoff takes a shot at Mero and how he headed north or couldn’t handle it on wcw. They even blacked out his face in the old WCW Hotline ads (which I noticed in Nitro viewings since they still have the vintage WCW ads in them). Why did Mero leave wcw, or was he fired for some reason? He seemed to have it set, at least as a midcarder goes.

2) not long after, he is introduced during Wrestlemania XII (something of a marquee intro) and they even tease a feud with Triple H (presumably when he was still on the rise prior to the curtain call) which carries over to Raw. According to Foley’s book, he was signed for a high price. My question is why did WWF sign him so quickly and for so much? Did Vince see the ridiculous Johnny B Badd gimmick (which seemed to be popular due to Mero’s performance) and think ‘this guy is the kind of entertainer we need’ (despite giving him the somewhat lame Wildman gimmick)? Were there other people pushing for Mero to be signed by WWF?
Just seems like an interesting situation as Mero seems to be the first Jump (from WCW to WWF) during the Monday Night Wars era yet played mostly a footnote in the larger story, mostly by his association with Sable.

1)  The Mero-Bischoff relationship deteriorated pretty fast at the end and there was a lot of name-calling and accusations both ways, but the upshot from the WCW side was that Bischoff accused Mero of missing a bunch of mandated publicity jobs and fired him.  Mero’s side is that his contract expired and he quit after getting lowballed.  Most suspect there was some contract tampering from the WWF involved because he had a three-year deal lined up basically the moment he left.  Either way, his contract had expired at the end of his WCW run, so there was no non-compete window needed and he was able to jump right away.  There was a lot of confusion at the time because the rift came so suddenly and without warning, and got ugly really fast.  Bischoff buried him on Nitro on a regular basis afterwards, while Mero openly criticized the company for forcing him to do things that contradicted his religious beliefs.  It was a weird deal. 

2)  WWE absolutely saw big money in him, and more specifically in his wife, and he was really on track in 1997 to break through, but injuries just destroyed him.  In particular that stretch between Feb 97 where he got injured as Wildman Mero and then returned months later with a totally different look as Marvellous Marc Mero really derailed his momentum as a potential top guy.  The boxer gimmick was a good midcard dick heel one, but not one for a guy who aspired to face Steve Austin. 

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WWF Philadelphia Spectrum September 18th, 1987

September 18, 1987

From the Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Dick Graham

Matches tonight include Randy Savage vs. King Harley Race, Rick Rude vs. Brutus Beefcake, Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees for the WWF Tag Team Titles, and the main event featuring Killer Khan vs. Hulk Hogan for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship

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Other movie characters that should be in WWE 2K16

Hey, wrestling fans might want to see this one. What other movie characters do you think should be in that new WWE game?



​I’d say offhand that I’d like Patrick Swayze from Roadhouse, Van Damme from Timecop so he can be his own tag team, and of course Hugh Jackman. Not as Wolverine, just Hugh Jackman. ​

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BoD Tuesday Night Thread

Talk about baseball, Tough Enough, or anything else going on tonight here.

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Lucha Underground 37 Minute Super-Cut

This is pretty awesome. With Ultima Lucha starting tomorrow, Lucha Underground released a 37 minute super-cut of the 37 hour long episodes they have broadcast to date, in order to bring potential new viewers up to date for the start of the finale tomorrow night.

And, if you prefer a longer-form breakdown of Ultima Lucha, you can also check out my preview here (shameless plug)

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Between the Sheets #1 – Featuring Bix & Todd Martin!


Place to Be Nation is excited to kick off a new show on the PWO-PTBN podcast network as Kris Zellner and David Bixenspan are joined by Todd Martin (Pro Wrestling Torch) to discuss the week that was July 20-26, 1989. Listen to the guys discuss the Great American Bash PPV and all the matches/angles, Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Mike Tyson????, the rise of Kenta Kobashi among other young guys and how the AWA Team Challenge Series compares to the Laff-A-Lympics!!!

The PWO-PTBN Podcast Network features great shows you can find right here at Place to Be Nation. By subscribing on iTunes or SoundCloud, you’ll have access to new episodes, bonus content, as well as a complete archive of: Where the Big Boys PlayTitans of WrestlingExile on BadstreetPro-Wrestling Super-ShowGood Will WrestlingBrainbuster!Tag Teams Back AgainAll Japan Excite Series, Wrestling Culture and Wrestling With the Past.

Click here to listen!

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