TNT! Thread Night Tuesday!


Hello everyone and welcome to another great open thread on the first Tuesday night of May. We’re going to have a great time tonight. We have sports, we have wrestling (kind of… it IS TNA after all) and we have lots of great television. And we’re going to talk about it all here.

Once again, the main event of the evening is Duck’s famous Live Watch of Doom! Tonight, we have New Year’s Revolution 2007! John Cena defends the WWE Championship against the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga! Rated RKO defends the tag team titles against D-Generation X! And Jeff Hardy defends the Intercontinental Title against some dude named Johnny Nitro.

All that and more tonight!

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–January 1985 Part 3


Next up in the yearbook, the 1984 Observer Awards!  You know we’re gonna hit 5 parts before we get through this thing, right?

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Rock Star Gary reflects on WWF Royal Rumble ’88

Live from Hamilton, Ontario

Airdate: January 24, 1988

Attendance:  16,200

Hosted by Vince McMahon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura

“Why pay for a bunkhouse when there’s a free Rumble on TV?” – Avid wrestling fan in the late ‘80s.

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Bray Wyatt’s Goldilocks

This was pretty funny on its own,  but the real money skits from this week’s ep were Edge and Christian trying to sing along with entrance themes (and no-selling each others songs) , and “Will WWE Talk About It?” featuring a take down of CM Punk so epic that even my wife was laughing her head off. 

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BoD Daily Update: May 3rd, 2016

Ryback Update

Yesterday, Ryback met with Vince McMahon to discuss a new contract as his is scheduled to end in a few months. However, the talks did not progress as Ryback did not like the new offer and it ended with Ryback going home. At the moment, Ryback is off of all shows until there is a reconciliation before his contract runs out.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio

Vince McMahon Frustrated  Regarding NXT Call-Ups

Vince has reportedly been frustrated with the development of recent call-ups on the main roster. While there has been past reports that Vince had second thoughts regarding the Vaudevillians being called up to the main roster, the word is that Vince thinks the gimmick is “stupid” and does not make sense. Vince is also reportedly undecided on Apollo Crews and while Crews is impressing officials in the ring there is talk his personality is not getting over with company officials. While Vince likes Enzo Amore & Big Cass, he is not exactly sure what their gimmicks are supposed to be but is more impressed with Big Cass.

http://Vince has also reportedly been frustrated with the development of recent call-ups on the main roster

TNA Tag Team Champion Re-Signs with the Company

The company announced via Twitter that Crazzy Steve has signed a new deal with the company

NXT Performer Injured?

Riddick Moss, who after his match against Manny Andrade in Kingston, RI 4/22 appeared to be injured as he immediately left the ring with the referee once the match ended, clutching his arm. Earlier in the match, Moss was limping but stopped and did not display that when he went backstage. They went off to the side and through the curtain instead of going up the entrance ramp and Moss was replaced on the NXT Poughkeepsie show the following night and has not wrestled since.

Credit Brian Bayless,

Place to Be Podcast #403: Saturday Night’s Main Event 3/18/06

In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin and Scott take a stop on the Road to WrestleMania 22 and are joined by Steve Wille, Glenn Butler and Jason Greenhouse to live watch the March 2006 edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event. The boys discuss 2006 star power, Kurt Angle’s move back to Smackdown, Edge’s direction heading into WrestleMania, the pacing of this shows vs. Raw at the time, the return of Steve Austin, the absence of Hulk Hogan, the whereabouts of Stacy Keibler, Undertaker’s streak, Shawn Michaels’ big bump, Vince McMahon’s emoting, Montreal again and much more!

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NJPW Wrestling Dontaku


May 3rd, 17:00 from the Fukuoka Kokusai Centre, Fukuoka

New Japan follows up last month’s excellent Invasion Attack with Wrestling Dontaku. Due to the recent earthquakes in Kyushu, Dontaku’s sister show –  Wrestling Hinokuni – was cancelled and its matches rescheduled. The Junior Tag and NEVER title matches were added to today’s show, which means that all but one of the company’s titles are being defended. The show is headlined by Naito vs. Ishii for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

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The dreaded X

How long has the "X" been the referee symbol for legit injury? Is this a WWE thing or a longtime tradition?

​It’s definitely a WWE thing that other promotions seem to have picked up on. I only remember it starting around the Attitude Era​, unless someone else has a memory from before then?

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Undertaker’s title runs

Hey Scott,

I’ve always wondered why Taker never drew as WWF/E champion. He’s been in the business forever and Vince loves the guy, but Taker has surprisingly few top title runs and almost none of them were particularly memorable or lasted long (outside of maybe the WHC feud with Edge).

Was it just the nature of the gimmick? A cowboy zombie force of darkness who happens to be really into MMA doesn’t seem like a character interested in title gold. Is that why people loved him, but never really bought into him as a top guy?

​It’s less that he didn’t draw as champion and more that it didn’t help him to be champion for the longest time. The zombie character was a strong draw on its own for many years, which meant that you could run two house show circuits at the same time — the Undertaker one, and the one with the champion on top. And yeah, as a character as well he’s always seemed like someone more interested in personal vengeance than titles. ​

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WWE RAW Rundown 5-2-16

May 2, 2016

From the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO

Your hosts are Byron Saxton, JBL, and Michael Cole

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Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day and had a wonderful weekend. It’s another beautiful day here in Florida but it’s getting hotter.

Anyhoo, good PPV on last night. There was a great match with Zayn-Owens and three very good matches with the Main Event, Ambrose-Jericho and Miz-Cesaro. Really can’t complain too much with that sort of quality action but I know people will. I thought the Main event was fine. Yeah it was overbooked but there was some charm in the overbooking. A.J. and Roman put together nice spots, nice false finishes and told a good story. Both guys worked hard. I know it’s unpopular to say anything positive about Roman Reigns but I liked the match and thought it was a good effort for his first one-on-one title defense. The fact that they can squeeze a return match out of it says a lot about how the people are responding to Styles and what he’s done.

Anyway talk freely. Watch your TV spots but keep it clean!

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Camp WWE S1E1 — No Place Like Camp


They swear. If swearing makes you laugh, then it’s hysterical. The plot was completely pointless and devoid of any true humor or heart. It was absolutely terrible.

I should have heeded this warning…

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Hulk sues again

He already dropped the big leg on Gawker once, brother! Do we really need to go to the rematch already? It’s just gonna kill the town.

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WWF Wrestling Challenge – June 12th, 1988

June 12, 1988

From the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week will be Jake Roberts, Ted DiBiase, Brutus Beefcake, Strike Force, and Dino Bravo

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–January 1985 Part 2

Previously on your Mom’s street corner:

Moving on with the magnum opus that is the 1984 yearbook!

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What in God’s name is with the building of rematches lately? Are we done asking for any semblance of planning or reason?

So, Kevin Owen’s emphatically beats Zayn at Payback. No questions asked, he didn’t cheat, he just beat him. THEN, Sami attacks Kevin. Why? He’s the face. What beef does he have? He’s a loser. Get in the back with Dean.

Then, Roman beats AJ after taking his new Phenomenal Forearm finisher three times and only using one spear. In the backstage segment, Shane said of COURSE AJ is owed a rematch. What? Why? My head?

It’s like when the League of Nations had title matches on Raw with the New Day to set up their non-title ‘Mania match. Have these writers ever watched wrestling? More than ever, it feels like everything exists in a vacuum of the current moment, with no thought given to before or after.

​AJ getting a rematch I can least buy, because he won the match twice before Roman beat him. There was no legit reason for either Shane or Steph to restart the match, though, since both times were a completely legit call by the ref. Now, where was Shane during the women’s match where the ref completely screwed Nattie out of the title, that you can complain about.​

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Hi Scott,

Long time listener, first time caller. Yet another McMahon struggle for power angle and although it seems to be pseudo-over, it came off kind of boring and weird. I really thought they were going to do a Stephanie as Hillary Clinton (the corporate heel, as I’m certain she is viewed as in the McMahon household) and Shane as the Bernie/Trump character (giving the people what they want, and no big old baddie can stop ’em), and play on the current political climate. The women and misogyny part started to come out in Steph’s promo, but it kind of ended there.

My question is, what could they possibly do this time that will be any different than the last 500 "struggle for power" angles that they’ve been doing since the 90’s?

​Well they haven’t brought Linda back in a while…​

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BoD Daily Update: May 2nd, 2016

Enzo Amore Update

Amore suffered a severe concussion last night at Payback, according to those close to him. He was rushed to the hospital after his match ended was underwent a CAT scan and was discharged before the show was over. Amore was able to remember everything before the match and move all of his extremities while at the hospital.

Undertaker Does Not Want to Wrestle Again?

Its been reported that right after his Hell in a Cell match against Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32, the Undertaker was telling people that was his last match. While many people ignored that as the Undertaker as said the same thing after at least one WrestleMania match, the Undertaker had reportedly told Vince McMahon himself that he does not want to wrestle again, period.

WWE Womens Wrestler Unhappy With Her Role in the Company?

While the company has big plans for Sasha Banks going forward and is currently protecting her by not having her lose on television, its reportedly not something Sasha herself is buying into and that she prefers to be featured.

Payback Reaction Show

Will is joined by Kris Zellner (Exile on Badstreet, Between the Sheets, Premier Podcast Brand), Johnny Sorrow (Titans of Wrestling, Brainbuster) and Dave Musgrave (Wrestling Culture) to talk WWE Payback 2016 with takes on the booking, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and more!

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The SmarK Rant for WWE Payback 2016

The SmarK Rant for WWE Payback 2016 – 05.01.16

Live from Chicago, IL, it’s the first PPV of the NEW ERA.

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Byron Saxton & JBL

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WWE Payback Live Thread

The Kickoff Show begins at 7pm EST and features Ryback vs. Kalisto for the U.S. Title. Other matches include:

Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

The Vaudevillians vs. Enzo & Cass in the #1 Contender Tournament Finals

Cesaro vs. The Miz w/ Maryse for the Intercontinental Title

Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Charlotte vs. Natalya for the WWE Womens Title

AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Title

Plus, Vince McMahon decides who will be in charge of RAW going forward

You can check out my preview for this show here!

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So what did Dave like in the 80’s

> The Observer flashbacks are fascinating. Dave is obviously very opinionated and highlights what he doesn’t like, and frankly that seems like everything. WWF, AWA, NWA, Memphis, Texas, etc.
> I know he later gives big love to AJPW for the heavyweight scene in the early 90’s and NJPW for their lightheavyweights. But in the mid 80’s he seems to hate things or just be neautral….even Japanese things. He doesn’t seem to actually like much.
> I know he is a Flair guy, but its not like the flashbacks have been super high on him either.
> This also highlights a strange paradox about fabdom in general. The more you really like something, the more critical you become of it.
> So what did Dave like in 1984?

He loved World Class (hell, he moved to Texas!) and loved Memphis, that much I can tell you. He was more if a fan of a specific style of wrestling and didn’t care where it originated from.

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Syndicated shows

Superstars, Challenge, Shotgun, you see them ever going up on the network ?

​Superstars, no, because there’s too many legal entanglements over the name to make it worthwhile. What I’d prefer to see would be a "Best of whatever year" collection where they take all the good stuff, like the Flower Shop angle and WM3 buildup and Adonis cutting Beefcake’s hair and whatever. The actual shows would be rough to sit through, I think. Another idea might be "Before they were stars" with footage from Velocity and Heat, which is the kind of thing that they do on YouTube a lot. I personally have little interest in watching random episodes of Superstars from 1989, though.​

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Dream War Games Matches

Since we’re all dreaming of War Games due to the rumors of the match’s return, curious what WWF/WWE ones we missed out on you would’ve liked to have seen most? Those that come to mind for me are…

DX vs Nation post Summerslam 98
Rock/Hardys/Jericho vs Angle/Edge&Christian/Benoit post Summerslam 2000
Punk/Bryan/Dust Brothers vs Orton/The Shield late 2003.

​Oh yeah, the Rhodes v. Shield feud was SCREAMING for a Wargames blowoff. Also, Shield v. Wyatts should have been headed in that direction, or even an Elimination Chamber deal done 3 v. 3 somehow. I still don’t have faith in them to not screw it up, though, especially with no blood and PG level violence.​

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Paul Heyman reality show

I wasn’t sure if you saw this or not –


Didn’t he kind of have a similar thing with the Heyman Hustle web series? At any rate, good for him. Hopefully Brock is a wacky recurring character on the show, like Tommy Dreamer on the E&C show.

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_____’s Best Match Ever

This is something I did a while back on Tommy Hall’s website, and it might be worth doing it again here. With these wrestlers, what would you say was the best match they ever had?

1. Hogan
2. Flair
3. HBK
4. HHH
5. Austin
6. Foley
7. Bryan
8. Punk
9. Lesnar
10. Taker

​1. You could probably make a case for the Bossman cage match as far as his prime goes.

2. Steamboat in 89, take your pick.

3. Before the injury? The Undertaker match. After the injury? The other Undertaker match.

4. ​The street fight with Cactus Jack at Rumble 2000.

5. The Rock match at WM17.

6. Against Shawn at Mind Games.

7. As Daniel Bryan? Probably the Punk match at Over the Limit.

8. The Cena match at Money in the Bank. He spent the next three years living off that one.

9. The Punk match at Summerslam.

10. Gotta stick with Shawn at WM25.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–January 1985 Part 1

Previously on WCW Thunder…

So now we skip ahead to the beginning of 1985, and this is the Observer Yearbook issue at a mammoth FIFTY THREE PAGES, which means I’m gonna have to split this thing up into 3 parts to cover it all.  And it’s a pretty historic issue right off the bat, as you’ll soon see.

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