Interactive Map Of All 32 WWE Cruiserweight Classic Competitors

> Hey, Scott –
> I made an interactive map for that shows where each WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor is from including bios and videos of each.
> I thought both you and your readers might enjoy it.
> Hope all is well,
> Mark Whited

Yeah, I’m gonna review the shit out of that series.

WWE’s Wellness Policy Hypocrisy

Hey Scott,

This post appeared on Reddit recently:
The biggest gist is the legal mumbo-jumbo in WWE’s steroid and muscle enhancer policies. Especially one word: regularly.

“APPLICABILITY OF THIS POLICY This Policy, as it may be amended from time to time, is applicable to and binding upon all WWE Talent under contract to WWE who regularly perform in-ring services as a professional sports entertainer (“WWE Talent”).”

Meaning, part-time workers like HHH, Rock, and Brock do not fall under that category. It’s why Cena comes back from injury looking bigger and then gradually loses that since he’s back to being a “regular” worker. It’s no wonder many guys can pop back from an injury faster than the average person.

This pisses me off because WWE puts constant pressure on their workers to have “the look.” And that “look” is HHH, Brock, Cena, Batista, Rock. Musclebound guys so big, they look like superheroes. But because getting to those unnatural sizes is banned, they can’t. So they’re stuck at their size while WWE pushes those musclebound guys and usually puts them over above everyone else.

Welcome to wrestling for the past 40 years! If it makes you feel better, Brock is getting tested every third day by USADA while he preps for his fight with Mark Hunt, so we at least know he’s not doing anything. Now, as to your point with Cena, I’m not accusing him of anything, but recovering from injury would be a legit reason to use steroids. Not all steroids are banned or illegal, ya know. There’s a reason why they’re a popular drug for wrestlers, because they make you bigger and help muscles heal faster. Also, you have to try really, REALLY hard to get busted by the Wellness Policy, so Reigns did something spectacularly dumb to do so.

In general, though, the Wellness Policy saved at least two or three lives that we know of (MVP most notably) because of the more strenuous medical testing involved, and the strict concussion guidelines probably saved Daniel Bryan from having his brain turn to mush later, so I think it’s been an overwhelming positive otherwise.

Almost as overwhelmingly positive as Roman’s pee test.

WWE’s recruiting

Is there any rhyme or reason to the WWE’s recruiting for the Brand Split? I can’t say they’re looking for stars, because even though they’ve reached out to Angle, they’re also going after MVP and Stevie Richards. If they’re looking for warm bodies with a good look, why aren’t they looking at Mason Ryan, Chris Masters, or Magnus? Any idea what exactly what they’re looking for?

​1. Tall
2. Muscular
3. Full head of hair

Magnus should be a shoo-in and I don’t know why he wasn’t signed already, in fact. Chris Masters ditto, although they completely blew his potential when they didn’t sign him after the tree incident. Maybe those guys have been called, we don’t really know because apparently they’ve been calling EVERYONE and it’s just a few bigger names that have been mentioned. I really like the chances of MVP getting over again if he’s brought back, though. He’s exactly the kind of solid midcard guy that would click with a Rusev or Sheamus, I think. ​

Roddy Strong

So, Roderick Strong has left Ring of Honor

Doesn’t he live in Florida?

Think WWE will give him a shot and reunite him with Austin Aries?

Imagine Aries and Strong Vs American Alpha

I’d buy that for a dollar!!!

​I don’t think you’ll be seeing American Alpha in NXT much longer. And yes, pretty much anyone with a pulse and previous experience will likely be made an offer by WWE, so it’s an awesome time for Strong to be a free agent because at the very least he’ll be a top player in NXT after they get gutted in July. ​

Smackdown – June 23, 2016

Date: June 23, 2016
Location: Tucson Arena, Tucson, Arizona
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Mauro Ranallo, David Otunga

It’s an interesting time in WWE as we’re less than a month away from the new era really taking hold as the Draft takes place and separates the two shows into different entities. On top of that though, Roman Reigns has been suspended for thirty days, meaning the build towards the triple threat match at Battleground could be interesting. Let’s get to it. Continue reading

Marine 5

Why are they filming Marine 5? WHY ARE THEY FILMING MARINE 5?

Who is watching Marine 5? I thought they’d killed their movie division with fire.

Well they had promised the shareholders that they were only going to invest in other film properties (like The Call or that movie with Jason Momoa as a biker) and they’d shut down the division if it wasn’t profitable. And then we suddenly got from there to Marine 4 and Marine 5 being released direct-to-home. Hey, if they can find a way to make these shit movies for cheap enough to make a profit on the $100,000 or so they’re getting off iTunes rentals, good for them. I don’t see where that could possibly happen, though.

Just think, though, you can always catch up with THIS steal of a deal!

The Marine 3 Pack on Amazon

Thursday Night at the Blog

Man, I got nothing tonight. We’ll keep it brief and let everyone do their own thing.

SmackDown is tonight. We only have a handful of taped SmackDowns left before they go live, so savor the crowd sweetening while it lasts.

The Live Watch tonight is Royal Rumble 2008. Duck will be by shortly to give everyone a rundown. That kicks off at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Sports and other shows are on for your enjoyment as well.

And I will continue to plug the Summer Slam Top 10, now in its second edition.

Talk about anything and everything right here!

Gary Michael Cappetta interview


This is Eric Santamaria, former host of The Wrestling Roundtable (I provided a review quote for your ‘Dungeon of Death’ book years ago) and ROH commentator (one of the posters on your blog recently said I was the worst one ever, in fact). I have a new podcast I launched a few weeks ago (I have an audio clip from 2001 where I mention Rantsylvania on the first episode, in fact, so, long time reader, yadda yadda), and I thought I’d pass along a link to my latest show with Gary Michael Cappetta. I know GMC and his book have been mentioned on your blog before; we cover his leaving WCW, writing his book, doing a stage show, joining ROH, and more. Gary’s mentioned it as up there with his recent Ross Report & Art of Wrestling appearances, so I hope you & your readers enjoy my podcasting more than my wrestling play-by-play. Cheers.

​I haven’t read his book but I’ve heard it’s really good. Appreciate the continued support!

BoD Daily Update: June 23rd, 2016

Names of Former WWE Stars Contacted by Company to Return

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Kurt Angle, Carlito, MVP, and Stevie Richards have all been approached by the WWE to return due to the upcoming brand split.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter


Wrestlers Returning to Action Soon

The Miz, Maryse, and Naomi are all scheduled to return to action since filming for “Marine 5” is finishing up.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter


Roderick Strong Leaves Ring of Honor

Tully and Arn: Make the HOF Case!

Since someone brought up the Brain Busters in the HOF thread as noteworthy omissions, here’s your chance to make your case for them if you agree. I’m a huge fan and even I think they fail all the credentials needed for inclusion, but maybe I’m missing something. Their career as a team was too short to get in, they were never on top and/or a draw as singles or a team, and it’s hard to call them influential when they were mostly just building off the Andersons’ previous incarnations. But maybe that’s just me.

CM Punk UFC trivia

> CM Punk is making his debut at UFC 203 in Cleveland (
> That’s also the location of Monday night Raw when he quit WWE in January 2014. In Northeast Ohio, though, that edition of Raw is more noteworthy because between the end of show and the next Cavaliers’ home game, one of the Cavs’ retired jersey banners was stolen.
> They never found out who did it, either.

Those are some master criminals you’ve got there in Cleveland. Just pin it on Steven Avery.

HTM in the Hall?

The Jerry Lynn post response got me thinking. The Honky Tonk Man was a decent wrestler, drew money (I think), and is the greatest IC champ of all time – just ask him and he’ll tell you. Should he be in the HOF? If so, why isn’t he – burned bridges?

​In order to go in and make the "pension" off it, you have to sign a restrictive deal that limits the dates and appearances you can do​, which is why so many guys are hesitant to do so. Honky has always been upfront about saying that he’s been asked several times, but doesn’t want to give up the fairly-lucrative touring business he’s still got going on, even at his age. So hey, good for him.

Observer Hall of Fame

Hey Scott

Was reading the recent Jerry Lynn HOFer post with the good discussion that came with it. Afterwards was recalling an exercise someone (Bill Simmons) did years back about taking an exisiting HOF and trimming the fat and leaving the true elite in.

Could be a nice exercise for the BoD community to go through the Observer HOF and vote for eliminations possibly? Fun debates and arguments at least!

​Well here’s the HOF list:

Given it’s so incredibly hard to get voted in (or in the case of Benoit, voted out) I don’t see much fat to trim there, but sure, go for it. ​

Mac n’ Cheetos

I hope all is well. I thought you would be interested in my review of the new Mac n’ Cheetos from Burger King. It’s deep fried Mac and cheese shaped like a Cheetos sprinkled in powdered cheese. Thanks for all the plugs. You’ve been a great friend of the site. Keep up the great work.

​Wow, I just posted a link to that very abomination on someone’s timeline last night as a joke, in fact. And then you actually ate it.

I should note that Cineplex theaters here in Canada have special VIP plans where you can order food at your seat, and mac & cheese bites are one of the things that are offered, albeit much classier versions than the Burger King ones. ​

CM Punk Finally Fighting?

So over/under on if he actually fights? Also, even if he does, it would be how long since he first signed up?

He signed in, what, December of 2014?  It’s been so long that the months have run together.  Dave talked about this on the radio show a couple of weeks ago, and he’s basically ready to go because they’re doing a reality show about his first fight and so he pretty much HAS to.

Unless he’s one of the people that got called in the draft hiring blitz…

NXT – June 22, 2016

Date: June 22, 2016
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Corey Graves, Tom Phillips

It’s a rare situation where we’re coming off a Takeover and already have another announced. In theory we have our first match set as Shinsuke Nakamura challenged Finn Balor to a match though a promo on Raw suggested that the match would be taking place tonight. For the life of me I can’t imagine NXT hot shotting a match like that so maybe it was just badly worded. Let’s get to it. Continue reading

Monday Nitro – January 29, 2001

Monday Nitro #275
Date: January 29, 2001
Location: Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Scott Hudson, Tony Schiavone

It’s always weird to me when we reach the last every episode in a given month but this is the final ever episode of Monday Nitro in January. Ok so maybe this is just a way to fill in an opening because there isn’t much to talk about at the moment other than Nash vs. Steiner coming up in a few weeks. Let’s get to it. Continue reading

WCW Wednesday: Part XXXII – the Title Unification Edition!

Due to WCW’s Disney tapings in 1993, a fallout occurred between WCW and the NWA because of WCW’s portrayal of someone other than the NWA champion wearing the NWA belt. Rather than eliminate the title altogether, WCW renamed it the WCW International World title.

By July 1994, the usefulness of the WCW International title had run its course so to speak; hence, WCW booked a unification match at Clash XXVII on July 23. At the time, Sting was the WCW International champion while Flair was the WCW World champion. Since these guys knew each other really well, let’s see how the match went according to my reflection…

Match 5 for the WCW World title unification: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (WCW World champion) versus Sting (WCW International World champion)


  • As Heenan replaced Ventura on commentary, Flair came out first.
  • Buffer rumbled.
  • After the introductions, Sensuous Sherri came down the ramp. Upon hiding behind a mask, she revealed herself wearing the exact style of face paint as Sting.
  • At the onset, Sting gave Flair a pair of gorilla press slams.
  • That resulted in a Flair flop on the floor.
  • Interestingly, Flair, who had been a babyface since his return to WCW, made heel gestures toward the crowd.
  • After a series of clotheslines by Sting, he delivered a hip toss and a dropkick.
  • Flair then attempted the figure-four leg lock, but Sting got a sloppy cradle for 2.
  • While a huge “Sting” chant emanated from the crowd, Sting missed a Stinger splash.
  • Subsequently, Flair asked referee Randy Anderson for the time then tossed Sting over the top rope when he wasn’t looking. As you know, he’s the “dirtiest player in the game.”
  • Regardless, Flair tried to pin Sting with his feet on the ropes.
  • He then made a second attempt at a figure-four but was thwarted.
  • After a sleeper by Flair, a Flair flip put Flair on the apron but Sting clotheslined him down.
  • Sting then put Flair on the top turnbuckle and delivered a top rope superplex.
  • However, he then missed a top rope splash.
  • Next, a delayed vertical suplex by Flair was no-sold by Sting.
  • He then clotheslined Flair over the top rope to the floor.
  • When Sting attempted a plancha, Flair put Sherri directly in his path. Nice bump, Sherri.
  • As Sting was distracted with Sherri, Flair rolled him up with a handful of tights for the victory!

Rating: ***1/2

Summary: These guys have had better matches in the past. Unfortunately, in this match, the psychology was all over the place. Due to their almost unparalleled chemistry, this match-up never became boring. Yet this match’s only historical significance was the unification itself.

After the match, the crowd cheers for Flair’s victory as a dazed Sherri enters the ring. Shockingly, she and Flair embrace. WE HAVE A HEEL TURN! She and Flair double-team Sting including two Sherri splashes.  Being the hero to millions, Hulk Hogan emerges from the dressing room to confront Flair, but the ”Nature Boy” avoids the leg drop and bails. Sherri appears to be caught in the middle of the ring, but she slaps Hogan. To save her skin, Flair drags Sherri from the ring. Your Bash at the Beach main event stands before you and boosts the match rating up ½*.

So where did it lead:  While the title unification resided on the forefront, the signing of Hulk Hogan stood in the background like a ticking time bomb. In order to placate Hogan, Flair had to turn heel to elicit the “appropriate” reaction for the Hulkster. Since BatB ’94 generated a 1.02 buyrate, I would surmise that Hogan’s politics worked. In fact, he even became WCW World champion in his first WCW match!

What do you think of this match from Clash XXVII?

Please be sure to check out all of my reflections at