Smackdown & 205 Live Thread

Tonight should be a VERY interesting 205 Live, as I’d assume they get the title over to Cedric Alexander somehow.

RAW did monster ratings numbers, although not as monster as RAW 1000 did.  You’d think it would have done the same, since they basically repeated the same show.

Tomorrow is a SURPRISE rant, since I decided to go a different way than Unforgiven 2006.  You’ll like it, I promise.

Did you hear that Enzo was fired, by the way?  Maybe I should make a new thread about it.

Chat about the Tuesday stuff here!

Smackdown – January 23, 2018

Date: January 23, 2018
Location: Capitol One Arena, Washington DC
Commentators: Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips

It’s the night after the Monday Night Raw 25th Anniversary so now we need to bring things back down to earth a bit. This time around though it’s also the go home show for the Royal Rumble and we need to get things ready. There’s also the issue of Enzo Amore, who Daniel Bryan will address for some reason. Let’s get to it.

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Rock Star Gary reflects on WCW Starrcade ’91

Live from Norfolk, VA

Airdate: December 29, 1991

Attendance:  9,000

Hosted by Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone

Tag team turmoil surrounds this inaugural event. Who will survive to become Battlebowl champion? Read on!

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Raw 25 Does Huge Numbers

The WWE is going to make a huge deal out of this, but does it really change anything? They did nothing to draw interest of the extra viewers seeing the show to keep watching the product going forward. Next week they'll be back to their normal numbers most likely and this will just end up being a big wasted opportunity.

​Well, we've already established that ratings don't matter when they're bad, so I imagine WWE will play it cool and not mention this tonight on Smackdown.  ​

What the World Was Watching: The Action Zone – August 6, 1995

Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill are doing commentary that are in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Chris Jericho at RAW 25

So Raw 25 came and went, dissappointing show to say the least. Best part was the Legends by far. Biggest thing to me was they had somebody who was if not one of, the hottest topic in Pro Wrestling over the past year who besides Austin, clearly got the loudest pop of the night and they used him in a 5 min backstage interview to set up a Elias segment yet made sure to troll out The Dudleys in a useless segment when they could of been involved in that APA poker shenanigans. Maybe underlying bitterness from the NJPW stuff? 

​Wouldn't shock me, but Jericho's segment was REALLY disappointing.  As Dave was saying on the radio show leading up to this, he should have just stayed away so that his actual return would be a big deal and he could be the star of the show.  The whole show was just another "APA plays poker, Ted Dibiase laughs, D-X reunites" 3 hour wank when they could have done something different.  ​

BoD Daily Update: January 23, 2018

  • Smackdown Live Preview Interview with Sasha Banks


Kota Ibushi To Appear At Ring of Honor’s “Supercard of Honor XII” Show

Royal Rumble Countdown: The SmarK Rant for WWF Royal Rumble 2002

The SmarK Rant for WWF Royal Rumble 2002

– Live from the Underwater City of Atlanta.

– Your hosts are JR & The King.

(2018 Scott sez:  Apparently I reposted the 2012 Scott Sez version back in January of 2016, so now we go FURTHER down the rabbit hole as I repost the repost and add a few more comments and occasionally talk to myself.)  

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Ready Player One

Have you read the novel and, if so, are you stoked for the upcoming film?

​Nope!  Haven't read the book, saw the trailer, didn't interest me in the least.  I understand what the source material is and all that, but to me it felt like another attempt to pander to the Hunger Games / Maze Runner / Divergent audience that's already been milked dry at this point. And hey, I really enjoyed all the Hunger Games movies, don't get me wrong, but at this point in my life I'm much more excited by the prospect of John Wick 3.  ​

John Cena IS Duke Nukem?

I mean, it’s great casting, but who in 2018 besides Lazy Game Reviews gives a shit about Duke Nukem?  Maybe it’ll mirror Duke Nukem Forever and take 15 years to develop while it changes studios multiple times.  The Rock starring in the “adaptation” of friggin’ RAMPAGE is insane enough.  Maybe next they can adapt the Arkham games into a movie.  I feel like Batman might work well in a cinematic environment.