Smackdown – September 17, 2019

Date: September 17, 2019
Location: State Farm Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

Things could get interesting around here again as we have the fallout from Clash of Champions, as well as what happened last night. That means a lot of Baron Corbin as he is officially crowned as King of the Ring, though I’m not sure where that could be going. Other than that, we’re less than three weeks away from the next pay per view and need a new challenger. Let’s get to it.

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Tuesday Night Smackdown Thread

Good evening!

RAW was up 7% from last week’s debacle of a rating, so AEW might as well pack it in right now.

Tonight, it’s Smackdown as the lame duck run on USA draws to an end.  Tomorrow, I continue on with the Feb 2000 Smackdown.

Have an adequate evening.

You wouldn’t like him when he’s not chill…


I keep seeing a log of people slagging Cassidy as being DOA in AEW because people will get tired of the pockets thing on weekly tv and then that’s it. Am I crazy for thinking that maybe they can evolve the character to keep it relevant?

For example, wouldn’t be simple to go with something along the lines of “dude, he wrestled like that because he’s never needed to use his hands and he’s that chill – but piss him off or hurt his friends (Trent, Chuck, whoever) and he’ll take them OUT of his pockets and then you’re screwed.”

Take a pretty big name – Omega, Cody, whomever – and work a program where they treat him like a joke for the pockets thing, only to build to a spot where he takes the hands out and and annihilates the guy. Then it becomes “dude, don’t make him get his hands out…” and they can work both styles.

I guess I ask because I just legit am not super familiar with him and don’t know, but is there anything preventing it from working? Like is he just that gimmick and literally nothing else? Because from what I’ve seen he certainly seems to have the talent.

Also, I’m going to feel robbed if you don’t work a “get these hands” punchline in here somehow.


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Orange Cassidy is 100 percent capable of working normal matches when needed.  He just chooses not to.  And yes, having him snap and finally do something is the payoff they will no doubt build towards if they’re smart.  


Hey Scott–

You mentioned that the TNT reviews weren't getting the traffic you hoped they would, and you were looking for a reason to continue them.

How do they stack up against ECW on TNN? Reading your recaps, not only do the shows seem like absolute bullshit, there is almost no joy in your writing style and it seems like a total slog for you.

At least with TNT you get the coked-out madness of the 1980s (plus Roddy Piper WEARING that hat.) Are the numbers comparable? If so, I'd much rather you ditch ECW and happily ride the TNT train with you as long as you're willing.

I'll probably continue TNT, by the way.  Enough people have written in asking for it.

ECW does great and it's actually a really easy show to recap, plus it's Attitude Era and I have lots and lots of stuff to talk about.  All recipes for success. It is not at all a slog, I just hate the show.  Big difference.  Now, WCW Saturday Night and the insufferable 2/3 falls format?  THAT was becoming a slog.   

JToZ Pro Wrestling Breakdown: Clash of Champions 2019

JtoZ TV Pro Wrestling Breakdown: WWE Clash Of Champions

Video Killed The Wrestling Blogger…

JtoZ TV was started in 2018 as a passion project with my wife, my two young sons, and myself collaborating to produce a YouTube family friendly channel full of epic unboxings the latest and coolest toys and games, hilarious skits and family challenges, and the most awesome adventures. But something was missing. JtoZ TV couldn’t be a passion project without MY REAL passion incorporated somehow. For as long as I can remember, I have lived, breathed, ate, and slept PRO WRESTLING. Nothing brings me greater joy in this world. For over 30 YEARS I have been the most hardcore of hardcore wrestling fans. With the JtoZ Pro Wrestling Breakdown, my two passions are combined to produce…UBER PASSION!

With the JtoZ TV Pro Wrestling Breakdown, I am bringing my unique perspective as a hardcore wrestling fan for over 30 years and diving in depth with the biggest wrestling shows from the top companies. And THIS is all done on a FAMILY FRIENDLY YouTube Channel aimed primarily at KIDS AND THEIR FAMILIES. Detailed analysis, sizzling HOT TAKES, match by match breakdowns, and now it’s HERE in a convenient new format for YOU, the readers of Scott Keith’s BLOG OF DOOM! In this SPECIAL EDITION of JtoZ TV Pro Wrestling Breakdown, we are reporting as the OFFICIAL WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS YOUTUBE CORRESPONDENT for Scott and The B.O.D!

September 15,2019. Charlotte, North Carolina

Every single Championship in the WWE is ON THE LINE. THIS is WWE Clash Of ChampionsAnd THIS is the JtoZ TV/Scott Keith Blog Of Doom Pro Wrestling Breakdown #4 – WWE Clash Of Champions!

Nailz’s WWF Run

Was Nailz supposed to have lasted longer than he did in the WWF,  as well as had a feud with the Undertaker after his program with Bossman ended?  I seem to remember Nailz and the Undertaker having a face to face confrontation that never materialized into anything.  

Yes, he was going to face the Undertaker and they were rumored to be doing a bizarre electric chair match of some kind as the blowoff, before Nailz got fired.  It never went past the setup stage.  

All Elite Singles Roster

So, I’m old 44.  Loved NWA, WCW and WWF as a kid, then started rewatching in college into the boom period, lived near Philly and watched and went to ECW.

Lapsed for years, now read reviews and take my kids to any shows near me and let them watch big three ppvs and random shit since they are young. But can’t really get through watching WWE in any regularly way.

So I’ve been very very excited for All Elite Wrestling even if only marginally aware of all the talents. The tag team roster looks great and deep.  But the singles roster looks well shallow. 

So is this a reasonable breakdown and are they missing depth or top end talent? 

Heard Harper and Rusev might go there and now the WWE is laughing about that.

It just doesn’t seem good enough to draw and keep viewer, mind you I’m their bread and butter of lapsed hopeful fan and potential viewer.

Great and recognizable:

Jericho, Moxley, Omega, Rhodes, Pac, Dustin

Entertaining and on the come up:


Ehhh ok:

Hangman Page

Entertaining but Maybe too much, too small, or too niche:

Janela, Havok, Kiss, Guevera, Allin


Shawn Spears

And that’s it? Because time and recognizable talent seems to be running out.

PS who the f is Brandon cutler

Counterpoint:  WWE has every “star” in the wrestling business locked down to 5 year contracts out of spite, and they just drew one of the lowest ratings in their history last week.  And produced a PPV featuring all of their champions that was one of, if not the worst, show of the year outside of Saudi Arabia. 

So again, let’s reserve judgment on the TV show until they actually produce one.  Although it’s seemingly less likely we’ll get to actually see it here in Canada at this point. 

BoD Daily Update: September 17, 2019 Smackdown Live Preview


Vince McMahon and Other Top Executives Not at RAW Last Night, Paul Heyman Runs Show


WWE Injuries Update


Being the Elite Episode #170

Rock Star Gary reflects on WCCW 01-28-1984

Taped from Dallas, TX

Airdate: January 28, 1984 (taped 01/20)

Attendance: unknown

Hosted by Bill Mercer

Can Kerry, Adams, and Parsons overcome the diabolical team of the Super Destroyers and Missing Link? How will Mike fare against a grizzled veteran? And who will join me to bring this fantastic episode to you?

Wake up! It’s time for another WCCW reflection. This should invigorate you:

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Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Less said about last night’s snoozer of a PPV the better. Scott’s review is below and I don’t think Thomas Hall did one or if he tried he probably stopped out of boredom.

Super quick build to Hell in a Cell, which is in 20 days, so expect some matches to be booked ASAP.

Jets-Browns is your Monday Night Game. The Jets are missing like half their roster including the young QB Sam Darnold, who is out with mono because he’s apparently 15 years old.

MLB continues its stretch run to the postseason. Dancing with the Stars begins its 28th season (!!!). I’ll be watching “The Deuce” on HBO.

Keep it Clean!

Kofi endgame

Afternoon Me. Keith.  I’m quite surprised Kofi has been given the title this long but I’m sure not against it as there’s really nothing else that would interest me at the moment, especially given last nights show.

Having said that, if they get the title off him prior to mania, I can’t fathom a captivating challenger/feud to do that with, so my only option is Big E at mania , right? 

If I wanted to be invested, Build Big E mowing down challengers, Kofi even offers a title shot, but Big E wants to REALLY earn it. Keep him happy funny baby face new day 24/7, enters the rumble mid way to get the monster eliminator pop, wins the damn thing, and you know what , don’t wait for next night RAW, have Kofi and Xavier congratulate him right after the rumble, and THATS when he turns, destroys them both, destroys Xavier at elimination chamber, then onto mania….. ok really it’s the only thing I thought has substance till mania : /

(Note I ignore any argument of merch sales, ty)

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I’m still going with Brock smashing him on the Smackdown debut until I’m inevitably proven wrong.  

Best Tag Team with No Name

Hey, Scott:

Your Clash of Champions rant – specifically on the somnambulant combination of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode – got me thinking: who is the greatest tag team to never use a collective name for their team? For the sake of argument, let's eliminate Edge and Christian who debuted in The Brood, although I think that was the name of the three-man group and not the tag team.


That’s a pretty big argument to forsake because I think they’re the winners.  Unless we’re going back to the NWA old school days where guys would just team together.  How about the Crusher and the Bruiser?  

Joshi Spotlight: Plum Mariko

Image result for plum mariko

Plum always dresses like a giant cupcake.

Real Name: Mariko Umeda
Billed Height & Weight: 5’2″ 121 lbs.
Career Length: 1986-1997
Trained By: Kotetsu Yamamoto, Atsushi Onita, & Gran Hamada

A HUGE bio/description of Plum (the temptation to just “Caliber Winfield” it is enormous):

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