Sunday Night Heat!

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I actually could have sworn there was a PPV tonight, but I guess that’s next week?  Regardless, UFC runs a Fight Night tonight, and there’s some baseball, but no hockey or basketball playoffs until next week.

Talk about the stuff and enjoy my fancy new caching software that cost me $50 and will hopefully prevent any further problems like this morning!  I SAID ENJOY IT!

NWA World Championship Wrestling, August 30, 1986

Who is the new National Heavyweight champion? What does Mama Cornette think of Baby Doll now? Did Sam Houston really beat Jerry Lawler? What role did Killer Kowalski play in Hall of Famer Warren Spahn’s baseball career? Can Nikita Koloff withstand Ron Garvin’s knockout punch? Is Mulkey Mania dead? Answers to these questions, plus Ric Flair in a great match, and the Horsemen in a pier six brawl, on this week’s edition of the Saturday night staple…

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The Jinder Miztake

I know they’re just setting someone up for Nakamura to beat the stuffing out of, but wouldn’t it have better if it was The Miz? He was only the hottest heel in the company. But I guess that’s not our call, PAL.

​I dunno about your detective work there with regards to the end goal of the Jinder push (I think Jinder IS the end goal!) but Miz absolutely was on the cusp of being a fully functioning main event heel by the end of his Smackdown run, and now he’s just a guy again on RAW and involved with Ambrose AGAIN in a feud where the payoff is gonna be a match that literally promises a bullshit screwjob finish. ​

But Miz sucks anyway so he kind of deserves it.

Best Observer Stories


We all know Meltzer has written some great obits and historical pieces. So, what are some of your favorites? I thought this might make for good talk on the blog.

​Obviously the Andre and Kerry pieces are the gold standard. His recounting of the Montreal Screwjob was historic and the piece by which most of the reference material out there goes by. The seemingly endless issues about Benoit in 2007 were all fantastic as he dove deeper and deeper into the whole situation and each issue became more horrifying and traumatic for him to write until finally he just kind of gave up by the end of the series. The steroid pieces he wrote (which I didn’t really recap all that deeply) as a result of his time with Frank DeFord at the National were really the ones that redefined the Observer, changing it from a news and opinion snark-fest into a real weekly journalism showcase that happened to deal with wrestling.

Those are my favorites off the top of my head. ​Your mileage may vary.

Conservative Election

So can Saskatchewan’s Andrew Scheer beat Trudeau in 2019? Or, like in the Conservative Leadership Election, will he just be everyone’s second (or 10th) choice?

I’m still disappointed that Kevin O’Leary dropped out, because I thought we could have someone to out-crazy Trump. Not that Trudeau is super-duper popular these days anyway, especially in the West.

Ortons potential

Hey Scott, in this interview back in march from Triple H, he touches on some good points with Orton. Basically stating he holds himself back from being what he can be. He believes and I do to. That although Orton is solid and attained a hall of fame carreer, if he just pushed some motivation and stop coasting, he can get even better, its frustrating to watch him and know what hes capable of.

I dunno, he’s already a zillion time World champion. It’s not like there’s WCW around for him to go freshen his character.

Best wrestling candidate for president

Since the rock might run for president, which wrestler would have made the best president or prime minister (gimmick or real life guy)?

Excluding the obvious (Jesse Ventura), I would go with bobby The brain Heenan because he was a great talker, advisor to wrestlers like flair and rude, and smart with money (see the trade with dibiase over Andre).

I feel like Hogan is a great politician, and adapt at lying about everything!

Smackdown – December 26, 2002

Date: December 26, 2002
Location: Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz

It’s the final show of the year as we’re getting ready to start the build towards the Royal Rumble. We also have Brock Lesnar vs. Paul Heyman/Big Show/Kurt Angle in a feud that is likely to lead to a major feud down the line, though Lesnar is likely going to need some help along the way. Let’s get to it.

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Jinder More records broken!

I’m in purely platonic brotherly heterosexual love with this guy! What can’t he do?!

Might be time to get some BoD member to get you a Maharajah theme for the blog!! =)

I mean, I’m sure everyone by now has figured out the reason I keep posting these Jinder emails. Good for him, keep the gravy train rolling right to India.

Bob Roop embarrasses some wannabe

Hey Scott-
Have you ever seen this? It was on a legends round table. I am kind of surprised that this didn’t get more attention with the IWC. An old video that really shows the brutality of breaking in. And quite honestly. Some of the sadistic natures of the "sport" we love. Thanks

I haven’t​ seen that specific incident before, but it’s certainly in line with the traditional hazing of newbies. They used to try REALLY hard to make sure only the most dedicated people got in.

Ken Shamrock

Hey…you mentioned Ken Shamrock burned bridges with the WWE. I’ve always wondered why Shamrock never came back for another run and why he’s never mentioned being that he, at least in my opinion, had a really good run 97-2000. So whats the deal?

I don’t know the specifics, but Dave talked about it on the radio show a few months back and apparently Shamrock had a pretty major falling out with Vince after his UFC run ended. To the point where he won’t be back. But hey, it’s wrestling, never say never.

Possible Hall Of Famers?


Hope all is well!

I wanted to list a few wrestlers, and see if you feel they should/will be hall of famers, and why/why not?

I know the HOF is a sham in a sense, but it’s fun for debate!

1). Sycho Sid/Sid Justic/Sid Vicious

​He’ll be there eventually. ​

2). Vader

​Next year, most likely. ​

3). Jim Cornette

​A lot of things have to happen, but him agreeing to induct the Rock N Roll Express was a positive sign. If he’ll agree to do it, it’ll happen. ​

4). The Mountie

​This would fall squarely under the Koko B. Ware rule. ​

5). Ken Shamrock

Not gonna happen. He’d be worthy, but the bridges are burned.

6). Lex Lug​e​

​I don’t think he has any interest in working with them. ​

7). Victoria

​I don’t see it. She’s from a previous era and wasn’t a big enough star to for them to waste their one women’s slot per year on her. ​

8). Miss Elizabeth

​I thought she was already in, to be honest. She totally should be.​